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Basic Methods for Connecting with the Non-Physical

The universe, beautifully vast beyond our limited comprehension, has placed us squarely in a physical reality that is just as sublime. Over the past 200 years, the massive growth in the discoveries of science, overflowing our minds with information, has ultimately forced upon all of humanity a new state of being. For many of us, this new consensus reality is one where the mysteries of life are reaffirmed. It’s become hard to believe any person or scientist, given the overwhelming presence of so much verifiable evidence, could possibly deny that we consciously live within the context of a larger multidimensional reality than cannot be fully understood. The intuitive truth and profound implications of this statement would seem to be self-evident. Our intuition in this matter cannot be easily overruled because the conclusions of almost all scientific investigations are universal; the more we come to know, the more we realize what we don’t know. Apparently, the mystery of life continues to thrive.

By incorporating the inherent mystery of existence into a “new state of being”, we should undoubtedly be aware of and act on much more than we do. It’s undeniable that increasing population has produced more evidence that planet Earth is susceptible to our presence, feeling quite fragile. Why shouldn’t we always act responsibly to uphold the Earth that sustains us by respecting her and all life? Also, if we acknowledge that we live in a larger reality that includes a universe teaming with life, why shouldn’t we be able to connect and communicate with other beings out there?

Of course, these concepts are not anything new. With very few exceptions, native people have been trying to get rest of the world to adopt this wisdom for a LONG TIME. We can at least appreciate that through this unwavering effort we have all been blessed by The Great Creator spirit. Also, among the valued teachings brought to us by all native peoples is the paramount importance of embracing the presence of spirit, which is everywhere and in everything. Having a connection to spirit would seem to be essential in being able to connect and communicate with the multitude of universal beings in the cosmos. Keeping this principle in mind, that you always stand in the light of spirit, will aid you in learning useful methods for connecting with the other beings in the universe.

What follows is an example of my own methods used to connect with spirit and subsequently to other beings in the universe. Please consider that you can utilize whatever techniques you want, reshaping them with your own ideas, forging a unique path. What I present here is only one example of how to approach venturing into the non-physical. Please consider that you should conduct all non-physical activities with great respect and responsibility for yourself and all other life forms, human in origin or not. Later in this discussion, I will list a few guiding principles for behavior in the non-physical. Please read through this article completely before trying any techniques presented.

To initiate an excursion into the non-physical, I always begin by defining my mission. Sometimes, I go out for myself or others to gather information, ask questions, seek answers, etc. Other times, I’m working to heal or support myself or someone else, perhaps seeking spiritual information about a situation. Learning what the underlying non-physical source of a condition is exceptionally valuable. It’s best to establish at least one mission objective that’s clearly planned so the universe (and you) can set the best conditions to achieve good results. Once you’ve established a solid starting point, you can always improvise and change the plan. Being non-specific in your mission is an option, but I always feel an objective helps me to focus my intentions. Next, set the physical conditions for your adventure.

A side note: statistical research has shown a correlation between the overhead presence of the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the accuracy of a Remote Viewing (RV) sessions. Simply, when the center of the Milky Way is overhead, people get better RV results. Since RV is another form of non-physical out of body work, I’ve taken heed of this information and found it to be most useful. Since the center of the Milky Way galaxy sits at approximately 25º Sagittarius, you might want to have that position in the Tropical Zodiac overhead somewhere during your work (i.e. anywhere in the physical sky above you).

The primary objective of our efforts is to achieve a “Working Meditative State” with the body and consciousness. It’s critical to understand that the more relaxed our bodies are, the more capable we become of projecting our consciousness (with intent) outward into the universe. All “out of body” methods involve some form of projecting awareness outside of the physical body, partially leaving behind physical reality. From your personal beliefs or experience, anything that helps you safely develop this state of consciousness is likely good to pursue.

Now, consider that we will remain somewhat alert to our physical surroundings, knowing what’s going on in the environment, but allow waking conscious awareness to greatly subside. Conducting a session at night time can be best as distractions are minimized, but working during the daylight is certainly possible, especially with greater experience. Prior to starting a session, be sure to go to the bathroom and/or drink some water (especially if your thirsty), but avoiding food intake is a good idea. Sometimes I start lying in a bed on my back, a pillow under my knees, or I’m sitting comfortably on a couch, wearing sun shades if there are any distracting lights in the room.

Begin by relaxing the body. Eyes closed, focus on breathing deeply to help release physical reality and awareness; breathe in through the nose, pausing briefly, and out though the mouth with perched lips, creating some resistance to outward breath. The objective ratio is 5:2:7, or count to 5 breathing in through the nose, rest for 2, breathe out through the mouth for 7, then rest for 2 before starting again. In three to four deep breath cycles, you can shift the mind away from the physical, allowing any conscious thoughts to subside and feeling free from cerebral mind chatter. If the mind babble pops in, with eyes still closed, look ahead of you into an empty, quite space, focusing on the darkness, continuing the deep breathing through a few more cycles.

Now, and eventually with some automatic movement, raise your hands in front of your face with the thumbs and index fingers touching each other to create a triangle shaped form. While continuing the rhythmic breathing pattern, inhale and then exhale by blowing through the center of the triangle made with both hands. Visualize producing a ring of air, like a doughnut shaped smoke ring, slowly billowing into space. In separate cycles, blow three times through the triangle, visualizing three air rings expanding in a line above or in front of you. The next part is fun.

Using a technique employed by many in Astral Projection, visualize your consciousness loosening its attachment to the physical body, allowing the lightness of your awareness to gently rise above your position. Now, looking with your minds eye into the three concentric air rings, starting head first, your awareness or astral body will gently “peel away” from the psychical body, allowing it to rise up and away, heading into the three concentric air rings you created. Remember, you can visualize your astral body as having the same human shape or pattern and of any size, large or small. It’s important to remember that with the astral body and awareness goes your “mind’s eye” perspective, you can see into the other planes or dimensions of existence.

As you rise up and the astral body passes through the three air rings, each ring will represent transitional layers that progressively separate you from physical reality. Think of them like bubble rings your astral body must pass through, each bubble membrane acting as a portal to higher levels of the non-physical. The last ring (the first one you created), exits in a space in a higher dimension of the non-physical. From here, it’s possible for you to venture to any location in the universe by “traveling” there with your Astral Body.

From this point, it’s like we’ve started the car, backed out of the driveway, put it in gear, and are ready to press on the gas pedal to begin our journey to other places. What comes next is quite diverse and absolutely different for everybody. In the next article, I’ll discuss some of my personal non-physical experiences to give you a better idea of what’s possible in the other dimensions. For now, let’s explore some important principles that should be applied in all interactions and work we perform in the non-physical.

Your astral body’s capability is shaped by your capacity to imagine what can be done, which is almost limitless. However, please remember that in the spirit realms, you actually represent through your actions not only yourself, but ALL OF US. Maintaining a consistent HIGH MORAL-ETHICAL-SPIRITUAL STANDARD in all interactions in the non-physical is vital. Here are a few guiding principles to consider:

  1. Let love be your guide and consider your spiritual radiance as an inspiration to all beings, human and non-human. Do no harm.
  2. Treat others as you would wish to be treated, with the same amount of respect and consideration you desire.
  3. Transformation is always preferred over confrontation. Seek a higher consciousness solution to a challenge that will reflect your spiritual wisdom.
  4. The universe can provide almost all the information you seek. Identifying value, validity or truth is possible by simply accessing the feelings of your inner being or soul. Utilize critical thinking.
  5. To get assistance, you must ask for it. Your guides and other beings generally operate on this principle. Yet, you should question an unsolicited offer of assistance from any being.
  6. There are many non-physical entities who are willing to help you, and a few who can deceive. In all your interactions, engage fully your mechanisms of discernment.
  7. You ALWAYS have the right and duty to protect and defend yourself in the non-physical. But, be warned, what comes to you can be a consequence of what you project or what you need most to learn.

Lastly, in the astral body state, you might consider that each choice you make has a consequence, yet every situation can be viewed as an opportunity to learn, which is the greatest gift of source. Evolving information and the resulting choices we make could become detrimental or challenging to a mission, but if you keep asking questions, you should be able to determine a viable solution.

Also, your choices are tied to your understanding of “what you are” and “what you can do” in the non-physical. Consider that whatever you take with you as a known pattern you’ve experienced in the PHYSICAL might entail limitations in the NON-PHYSICAL. For instance, if you visualize or conceive yourself as having the abilities of a known comic book character, such as Spiderman, then you could likely have all the powers, but also the limitations, of that superhero. Modification of abilities is of course possible, but wording of your intentions must be done wisely. You can think of yourself in almost any form, but in all your actions, be mindfully responsible to yourself and all the other beings you encounter out there in the universe.

Remember, your own personal experiences are intimately linked to those of others. We are all the same underneath and here on a mission to grow spiritually together through our physical life experiences. The ultimate objective of humanity is to support the expansion of consciousness in the universe. In all our endeavors, astrology is a valuable tool that can help you to understand parts of physical existence that might otherwise remain veiled in the obscurity of the non-physical.

My name is Dan Brock and I’m here to help you. Astrology is one of the tools I employ. If you are looking for answers to questions, please seek me out. I’ll help you in any way I can on your journey to the solutions you desire.

Astrology of Events

Astrology of the 19th Anniversary of 911

Understanding the role that vibration plays is key to unlocking knowledge of our place in the universe. As a human derived system, astrology is a valuable source of vibrational information comprised of progressive snapshots of archetypes resonating in our environment. Almost everything around us can be examined with the tools of astrology. All that we experience and perceive, living out our lives individually and in the larger human community, can be explored. This includes major events in our collective world, impacting the masses consciously or unconsciously, which always contain a strong astrological signature warranting close examination.

In the fall of 2020, astrological alignments during the 19th anniversary of the “911” event, occurring in New York City on September 11, 2001, indicate we may be heading for a significant shift in the consciousness of our reality. There are many who feel humanity is way over due for receiving all the facts about such a well-planned, all-out assault on global consciousness. When it comes to anniversaries, we are often fixed in our thinking of significant periods of time passing only in even intervals (divisible by 5); 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. On September 11, 2020, we are 19 years out from the original events of 911.

From a mathematics standpoint, 19 is an indivisible prime number and exists as a very singular figure. From numerology, 1+9=10 and 10 is 1+0=1 which tells us that this 19 acts as a “one”, a solitary event that promotes a deep inner focus on identity. In its “higher vibration”, the qualities of a one include strength, self-esteem, self-reliance, originality, unique expression, confidence, and independence. Spiritually, the number one can radiate with the intensity of God embodying a singular expression with finality in words. This higher duty of a one bears respect in signifying the divinely essential nature of human dignity. In a “lower vibration”, a one can be selfish, inattentive, egotistical and arrogant. There are many other numerological indicators to consider, but perhaps the most provocative synchronistic correlation relates to the fact that we are currently in the grips of a major pandemic. Need I express how profoundly significant is the numerical correspondence of COVID “19” with the “19th” anniversary of the events of “911”? That’s a lot of 1s and 9s all occurring at once. The power of this 911 anniversary may reside in the seeds of transformation it sews, but this time could mean for some a further unraveling of our reality. There are many avenues of interpretation.

On September 11, 2020, the astrological conditions echo much of the numerological perspective, clearly indicating that this particular 911 anniversary may be anything but passive. Let’s talk about some of those astrology patterns.

We begin by examining the 2020 Tropical planetary transits occurring on the exact Tropical “birthday” of 911; September 11, 2001, New York City, New York, USA, at 8:46AM EDT when the first plane crashes into the World Trade Center.

Immediately, we see a reciprocate relationship between the energy of 1) a transiting Moon in Cancer conjunct the 911 North Node (NN) in Cancer, 2) the transiting North Node in Gemini conjunct the 911 Moon in Gemini, and 3) all of them are conjunct each other (the transiting NN, although further away, is close enough to be part of this conjunction party). With the transiting Moon, there’s a powerhouse of Cancer energy here wanting to propel us into an arena that seeks out our past pains to be healed. The 911 NN’s need for security must be satiated. With the Moon retaining the impression of the place we call home; a collective identity of community emerges from the NN that desperately desires the Moon’s Cancerian attention so the healing of justice can occur. All the while, the emotional waters of that Cancer dynamic are being quelled by a transiting NN in the Air sign of Gemini that happens to be conjunct. It demands flexible open dialog, keeping a watchful eye on emotional reactions to 911 issues and their impact on our future prosperity. The value of this cautious Gemini energy becomes even more substantial when we consider at this 19th anniversary the transiting NN is stationary. This resonates that it’s a critical time in our collective journey when a greater power is accessible to achieve a purpose. Possibilities for beneficial change are abundant.

Then, backing up this potential in the 911 4th House (naturally ruled by Cancer and the Moon), we have the magic of a conjunct outer planetary trio consisting of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. They are all transiting the 911 4th House ruled by Capricorn, the house where the realm of security in our collective home resides. Finally, consider Saturn, exalted in it’s native sign of Capricorn, is conjunct Pluto. Saturn alone is motivating, but with Pluto conjunct the breakdown and dissolution of deeply rooted institutions that no longer support us or our security and feelings of home are VERY possible. The authority of a transiting Saturn in Capricorn (its natural sign) in the 4th House commands that any replacement structures must able to stand the test of time while being nurturing, responsible creations. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transiting less than one degree from the cusp of the 911 4th House, signaling that its bounty is karmicly bonded to supporting of the critical transformation work of this magic trio.

Turning our attention in the opposite direction, the transiting South Node (SN) in Sagittarius, also stationary, is tightly conjunct with Chiron. This suggests a welling up of profound truth that must be expressed, communicated directly, potentially with a bluntness, to get us into a place of collective healing. The Sagittarius energy also conveys truth from a position of wisdom and the events occurring in the 3rd House pertain to communication, intellect, thought and ideas. These archetypes support the conditions whereby the entire world can finally, collectively be able to shed past traumas. Chiron is receiving from the SN a precognitive awareness steeped in its karmic knowledge of the past, forcing to the surface insights integral to our healing process. Yet, we should be cautious of lower vibrations potentially coming through. Consider the transiting Chiron in Aries in the 6th House (see image below) that’s wanting to heal our acts of service and daily life, yet it may entail a bit more aggressive approach. As a mode of effecting necessary change, this transiting Chiron could indicate an abrupt act is looming, perhaps producing conflict in order to get the job done.

Over in the 7th House, our relationship with the 911 event is in something akin to turmoil. Transiting are Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith (the Moon’s apogee point) and Mars, all retrograde, along with the Vertex point. Uranus, often seen in the 7th house as the planet of divorce, begs to overturn non-beneficial situations. A Black Moon Lilith retrograde in Aries is potentially a wallop of an indicator too, saying clearly our vitality must be restored, finally righted after repression. But, we are simultaneously flummoxed by the presence of Mars in Aries retrograde transiting the 7th House. From a physical standpoint, this Mars is not going to let us ignore an action that will prop up our self-identity or independence in our relationship with the energy of 911. Taken together, Black Moon Lilith and Mars both indicate assertive actions, potentially wild in nature, working to change our “relationship” with 911 and restore the physical vibrancy of being. Then, we must consider the transiting Vertex is EXACTLY conjunct the 911 Vertex, indicating a fated reconnection is occurring in a relationship with 911. While revisiting the fulfillment of a wish, perhaps of humanity, we have a chance to get it right this time. The Vertex exact conjunction supports a cosmic awareness that humans are not just isolated, separate entities in the universe. Without argument, the events of 911 have reverberated across the entire universe.

Next, in its Tropical and Sidereal forms, astrology plays out continuously as the transits of planets in the heavens. In a rudimentary way, think of Tropical charts signifying the outward or more public patterns of perception, while Sidereal charts reveal a more internal psychological rationale or perspective on those patterns. Briefly considering the Sidereal chart for September 11, 2020, one of the most prominent features to look for in the chart is what’s at critical 0º positions. As it turns out, the North and South Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively are each at 0º. The planet Saturn also sits at 0º in Capricorn. Each of these 0º positions reinforce how important the internal karmic and psychological influences will be on this anniversary.

For yet another astrological point of view, let’s examine a 19 year progressed chart of 911, specifically a Tropical “Secondary Progression” (seen above) were each passing year progresses the Sun by 1º. 19 years ago on 911, Mercury was on the edge of 12th House and in each subsequent anniversary year (1-18), it was “progressed” into the 1st House. For the first time since 911, a progressed Mercury in Libra is jumping back across the boundaries of the 1st House and shifting into the 12th. This 19th year anniversary will be the only time Mercury has ever “progressed” back to its initial 12th House position. This signifies a return of patterns, but a new emphasis placed on communication and balanced thought, especially when it’s coming from the non-physical, from the spiritual realms of the 12th House. Those who are spiritual watchers should sit up and take notice of this situation for it’s opportunity; to communicate with the “Great Creator” about 911. Not only should spirit play a prominent role in the anniversary messages, but folks can also look to the dream state as a means for information to segue into reality. Do you find images, situations, thoughts, or activities related to 911 surprisingly showing up in your dreams this year?

The progressed movement of Mercury alone could be an important indicator, but we also see Secondary Progression Trine relationships manifesting for the first time between Mars and Venus in the Earth element. This suggests a rapid transition from desires to taking the actions needed to manifest that desires, which implies a kind of impetuousness or volatility that makes caution prudent. Plus, there’s another Trine in Water for Jupiter and the Moon, suggesting the promotion of a truthful, grounded approach to the challenging emotional impact of 911 on the masses. These astrological characteristics in a progressed 911 chart suggest an objective change, but we must be thoughtful of it being of benefit. Positive, beneficial results are only had if we maintain a higher vibration stance. Given the abject horror the planet has endured post 911, when we consider the deep levels of trauma many still hold, there’s quite a mountain to be climbed.

So, what does all this astrology mean? The personally damaging nature of the 911 events are undeniable, suggesting this anniversary may be far more personally felt that one might expect. It’s clear this 19th anniversary of 911 could be a turning point for interpretation of the event for everyone, which leads us into its influence over those who think they represent us in government. I’d be on the lookout for communication, perhaps coming from someone in authority, a prominent figure, such as the US president or another world leader(s), that could shape a new global perspective on the events of 911. There is also the possibility of a “recurrence” of the event in some form, replaying the trauma; we can only hope this would not be of a destructive nature. Still, the astrological patterns we’ve discussed all indicate the time is ripe for overturning the established, revealing truth, facilitating transformation of our belief systems, and ultimately engaging us in a process that heals trauma. However it’s debated, what could actually happen is almost boundless.

Lastly, sparing you the astrological details, on September 9th sometime near 3PM PDT, there’s indication of a triggering event that could be linked to a communication later in the day on September 11th. It’s at this time the Sun will become briefly Trine to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, charging up all of those planets with the fiery energy of the Sun in Leo. Simultaneously, Mars in the 4th House is square to all three of those outer planets; Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the “magic trio”. This aspect creates a dynamic energy flow that questions, constricts and limits Mars’ action, which is already in some respects confined by the 4th House. The magic trio conjunct demands that action be taken in our relationship to 911 that respects our home. Does this predict there will be an announcement, that a different show of military might without fight is likely? Possibility. The astrological catalysts are all in place and indicate something significant could unfold. Let’s hope the foundations of our world are shaken up beneficially.

As time marches on, later in the month on September 29th, Saturn transitions Tropically from Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius. This sign shift by Saturn moving into Aquarius could slingshot us into acting responsibly, addressing the broader needs of the masses instead of kowtowing to the oppressive agenda of a few. Be diligent and keep on the lookout for change.

Remember, your own personal experiences in life are always intimately linked to those of others. We are all the same underneath and here on a mission to grow spiritually through our physical life experiences. The ultimate objective is to promote the expansion of consciousness in the universe. Astrology is a valuable tool on this journey as it can help you to understand parts of physical existence that might otherwise remain abstract or be lost in the noise of life.

My name is Dan Brock and I’m here to help you. If you are looking for answers to questions, please seek me out. I’ll help you in any way I can on your journey to the solutions you desire.

Spiritual Advocacy

My NDE (Near Death Experience)

Not every human who goes through a Near Death Experience (NDE) shares details of their transformation in connecting with spirit, but many people do. A multitude of accounts exist of those rare folks who “live again” after venturing into a different reality, and by our conventional understanding, have died. Unquestionably, there is a personal nature with individualize aspects to each NDE. Still, researchers have been able to submit questions to experiencers about these unique events and statistically discern qualities common to almost all NDEs.

Publishing their data has led to many academic generalizations about the nature of the NDE process while also providing a set of identifiers, a protocol, useful for categorizing information from a diversity of NDEs. Thanks to the dogged research by devoted professionals, knowledge gleamed from many years of anecdotal accounts has blessed humanity. The mainstream acknowledgement of the phenomenon has led to an understanding and, for many, validation of the non-physical “reality” of the afterlife. Finally, we can clearly declare in an NDE that there’s something significant going on and well worth more than just casual consideration. The International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc (IANDS) and its regional organizations are one of the many valuable online and in person resources of information available on this subject. Please seek them out.


It was in February or March of 1990 that I experienced what I now know as an NDE (astrologically, the event corresponded close to an almost exact alignment with my first Saturn return at 25º Capricorn, a MAJOR synchronicity I didn’t discover until almost 25 years later). At the time, I was living alone in Portsmouth, Virginia and was deeply engaged in my work as a professional civilian nuclear engineer for the US Navy in the DOD (Department of Defense). The demands of the job tacitly forced me into routine overtime work. Many weekdays, I found myself waking up before 5AM and not getting home again until after 7PM. One evening, following a particularly challenging day of overtime work, I made it home, closed the door, and felt so tired I immediately thought, I must take a nap before doing anything else. Stretching out on my comfy couch, almost immediately I fell into a deep asleep. What happened that evening during my sleeping state was nothing less than fantastic. I had no inkling of what was to transpire.

Asleep and in a dreaming state, I looked up slightly above and ahead of me at a bright white light that was opening up, like a porthole on a ship widening, approaching. There was a figure silhouetted in the light, partially blocking it, who was looking at me and moving toward me. This entire scene occurring before me represented no parallel to anything I could recall having experienced before in a dream. All the while, there was no fear or concern for my safety and I had no instinctive negative emotional reaction to the unfolding events. Intellectually, my limited understanding of the events that took place could only be categorized by me as a “dream”. Later, iI realized I was experiencing an NDE.

Oddly, I realized that I was in a dream state while still being consciously aware of what was going on. My waking consciousness seemed to remain active with my thoughts present and vivid. Physically, my eyes were closed and I was asleep, but I was “awake” and aware in the dream space. Today, we might call this an out-of-body or lucid dreaming experience, although at the time, I would have had almost no idea of what those terms or concepts were entirely about.

As the figure moved closer to me, I perceived something between us like a rail on a ship, sort of a barrier or divider, between me and this “person” I was seeing. Behind this being I saw something that seemed like movement down a hallway, human figures walking left and right, but their identity was completely indiscernible. There was a brilliant blown out white light that was making it impossible for me to determine who was passing by. The figure had stepped out of this background of traffic, approached me, and suddenly I realized clearly who it was; my father.

Dad had passed very unexpectedly from this world on February 11, 1989 at the age of 70, about a year before my NDE. His death occurred very close to a transiting Saturn crossing my natal ascendant, another significant astrological pattern it took me some 25 years to recognize. The news of his loss, so carelessly conveyed to me by my mother, still echoed in my memory. Dad and I were never close, but we still seemed to share a certain psychic link which would manifest unexpectedly in our lives. Maybe he wasn’t aware of this as he never said anything about it, but I recognized the significance of our psychic connections whenever they happened. Now, appearing to me in this NDE, Dad’s psychic signature was fully linked to me and we communicated telepathically. No words were spoken between us in this NDE, which I now see was significantly expanded from our our father-son life experience.

What did he say? Sadly, I don’t recall it clearly, but I do know that our communication was extensive, it continued for a while. As he stood silently in front of me, his thoughts continued to download into my consciousness, the interaction remaining much like a rapid conversation you can’t recall. Then, Dad began taking slow, small steps back from the rail that separated him from me, and he began to fade from my vision. In this transition, Dad faded and I felt movement, like being swept away in a current, yet I knew that physical analogy was not really accurate because it was a far subtler and gentle experience. I was dissolving away, my physical being was beginning to spread out, my form was dissipating from the pattern I had known in 3D life. There was absolutely no pain in this process. It felt warm and wonderful.

Gradually, I could sense myself expanding outwardly, all my molecules, atoms, every sub atomic particle that made up my physical being, was diffusing into the universe. My understanding of time became compressed (or expanded) and what I had understood as the past, present and future all merged into the same thing. I looked a what I had known as a linear life, moving always from A, to B, to C, etc., only to observe it melting into a single awareness of time seen from a grander, cosmic scale. It became so profoundly clear to me that my conscious human perspective was exceptionally limited. Actually, there was really no time at all, or at least I could not apply ANY of my 3D concepts of time. What was happening?

In this transformation process, there was no anxiety or vibrations of worry. Peace, contentment, and oneness of self were replacing what I had known in physical form. Now, losing my body and connecting with a larger reality, I could see simultaneously everything that ever happened to humans on Earth. In the infinity of time, backward and forward, it was all the same. All the good events had the exact same “value” as all the bad stuff that ever happened. The the joyful happy moments, every birthday celebration, a warm embrace, was exactly the same as every moment of sorrow, war, or hardship. Physically, each grain of sand in the Sahara Desert was intimately connected to every speck of dirt on the bottom of my shoe. Absolute unity experience.

You might think gaining this kind of perspective was unnerving as it flat-lined much of our waking knowledge, but my emotional responses were buffered out. More than ever before I felt the truth of who we really are and our place in reality.  There was serenity in my oneness of existence, yet I also knew this information shown to me in my NDE had always been a part of me my whole life. This was the truth behind everything I thought I knew. Everything is connected in one grand cosmic mass, and it has and always will be that way.

I was shocked that my waking cognitive ability was still engaged. I hoped to at least to retain some memory of the experience. Still, some how I knew I would not forget the profound implications of awareness. Where would I go from here? My dissolution continued and I could “feel myself” being all the individual subatomic particles in existence simultaneously. Every point in the universe, in every possible, conceivable direction absolute oneness was me and I was it; left, right, up, down, inside, out, big, small, forward and backward in time, accross every conceivable realm of infinity.

There’s a little more to my journey’s description. Having reached what could only be considered the very end of possible expansion into EVERYTHING, it felt a kind of steady-state coming over me. A profound sense of wholeness blanketed my awareness, yet I retained no need or desire for stimulation. To the best of my understanding, this was at least how I was able to interpret my state of consciousness (over 30 years ago!).

I never thought of the NDE as a “bad thing” as I was filled with a knowing that completely replaced the duality we are always subject to as Earth humans. There was no consideration of wet/dry, warm/cold, big/small, good/bad, strong/weak, malevolent/benevolent, etc. As I was settling into my new consciousness in this “final stage” of my journey, I began to slowly wake up.

Gradually, my eyes opened and I looked out ahead of me from my reclined position on the couch. Waking from that “dream” experience, I knew immediately I had unmistakably gone through what was called an NDE, but I was still ALIVE, awake, feeling good and gaining back my conscious self-awareness. Laying there quietly, reflecting on what had just happened, I could not say a word. Then, I began thinking about the experience I had just undergone. I remember I said aloud, like someone was in the room to hear it, “If that’s what death is like, why would anyone ever fear it?” I realized I had been living my WHOLE LIFE on one side of a wall, and now I was finally able to see what was on the other side.

Getting up from the couch, I began to return to my “ordinary life” and conventional 3D activities. Oh well, I was only 28 and have to forgive myself for this shortcoming. It took me many months, almost a year, for the NDE experience to sink in and catalyze the  transformation of my life. Almost a year later, the results were manifesting.

By early 1991, I had lost 50 lbs., was working out regularly and in tremendous physical condition, quit my job as a nuclear engineer (THANK GOD), came out as a gay man, moved from Virginia, and began a new life. There’s a lot more details to my “after the NDE” transformation story, some of it REALLY amazing, but those were the highlights. Incidentally, astrology clearly indicates the role my first Saturn return played in this process of life change, tuning up my soul connection and contributing to the NDE. After this event, I simply could no longer do the things I had done before.

Our lives are way more than we’ve been taught. Your own personal experiences in life are always intimately linked to others. We are all the same underneath and connected. Learning from the NDEs of others can teach us significant lessons, expanding our understanding of reality and knowledge of who we really are. Certainly, an NDE is not in everyone’s life deck, but I encourage you to explore this subject and gain a better understanding of its implications. Astrology should be considered a valuable tool to apply in this exploration. Expand your reality by challenging all BS (Belief Systems)!

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Another Lunar Eclipse and More!

We’ve had quite an astrological show this year! To top it all off, recently we’ve had three eclipses back-to-back, lunar/solar/lunar (the dates below are for North America):

Friday, June 5, 2020, a penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (opposite Gemini)

Saturday, June 20, 2020, an annular solar eclipse in Cancer (opposite Capricorn)

Saturday, July 4, 2020, a penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn (opposite Cancer)

The penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday July 4, 2020, is somewhat visible over parts of North America at night, peaking at 9:31 PM Tucson, AZ time. You might note that the alignment between the Sun and Moon means the full moon is actually occurring slightly later at 9:45 PM. We should consider that this lunar eclipse is most prominent over South America, peaking somewhere over Chile. With the entire globe still griped in a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implied connection of this eclipse to South America begs us to consider what coming role will countries there play in the coming months in the continued unfolding of the pandemic story? This trinity of eclipses could leave us to expect the emergence from this region of the world a significant, impactful message pertaining to the pandemic. What will be the content and form of this communication be? For now, let’s consider a few astrological factors.

Here’s a diagram from NASA showing the patterns associated with the penumbral lunar eclipse.

Recall that in astrology the Moon, ruled by Cancer, represents our emotional self and how we express those emotions, especially in the area of life associated with the house placement of the Moon in our natal chart. For this lunar eclipse, look at your birth chart and clearly identify what you have at 13º Capricorn. It will be at that tropical zodiac location (+/- 6º, within the Moon’s orb of influence) where the eclipsed Moon will exert its greatest leverage, revealing inner feelings about our natal Capricorn energies. Since this eclipse is occurring in Capricorn, which is exactly the sign where access to emotions can be most limited (Capricorn is opposite the emotional sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon), we should use this time to get at our inner feelings surrounding our Capricorn energies. It’s a chance to ask yourself, how do I feel about these (Capricorn) conditions in my life?

Capricorn is associated with time honored traditions, some level of conformity or restriction, organizational structures to which we maintain an allegiance, and it’s also our working life or the ability to act responsibility in the external world. The sign of Capricorn is at the top of a natural astrology chart (associated with the 10th House and Saturn), opening us up to outward possibilities for action, typically with a focus on work, career, or what we do in the outside world. It responds to what we strive to accomplish in our commitments and the results or success we achieve over time. Regardless of what house it resides in, beneficial outcomes in these arenas of life are critical to generating a sense of well being in Capricorn. Since the energy of an eclipse can be felt for many months afterwards or before the event, keep these Capricorn qualities in mind whenever you engage the energy of this lunar eclipse in coming times.

Mercury is retrograde (at 7º Cancer) during this eclipse and it’s in a position opposite the eclipsed/full Moon in Capricorn (at 13º). This presents us with a number of factors to consider. First, Mercury rules Gemini (recall the June 5 lunar eclipse was in Sagittarius, on the axis opposite Gemini) and its qualities include importance of communication, intellectual thoughts, and expressing knowledge or ideas. Since it’s sitting in Cancer, we can ask how should we best share that information with others, perhaps in a more personal space where we are able to be nurturing. But, Mercury is retrograde. The retrograde status slows down the quick action of Mercury (it orbits the Sun about every 88 days), while it also seems to bring down through an axial path some opposing, restrictive energy from Capricorn. This has the net effect of making the slower retrograde motion of Mercury behave more like it’s actually in Capricorn, which is where the lunar eclipse occurs in opposition to Mercury. What is the net astrological meaning of this situation?

During this lunar eclipse, we should ask ourselves how certain do we feel that we are able to share information correctly, being confident we are nurturing others while maintaining a responsible approach to the entire process. If we don’t ask this question in a conscious way, acting directly on the knowledge presented us, the power of the eclipse may produce a response anyway without our direct awareness. Astrologically, sometimes if you ignore an event like an eclipse, you behavior towards others, activities and experiences in life can undergo a sudden change that seems unexplainable. This is how the universe (and astrology) works…it gets our attention even when we are consciously tuned out.

What is this transiting Mercury retrograde passing over in your chart? It’s there, in the associated house, were this astrological pattern would play out most prominently in your life.

Now, let’s briefly consider the numerology of this “Trinity” of eclipses. Their number is three and this does represent a trinity of energy being expressed, linking them naturally together though a archetypal pattern based in a common lunar identity and influential roles. It’s a natural, divine expression of the “Trine” energy we find associated with astrological aspects. More generally, it supports the concept that the sum of energy of the parts is less than the power of the whole.

From a cultural or historical perspective, this eclipse trinity can be symbolize by that of a male/father (Sagittarius) and female/mother (Cancer) combining, and in their union bringing forth the forces of creation that manifest in the outer world (Capricorn) as a child. A Cancer Mercury in opposition during the eclipse in Capricorn, may represent the birthing or presence of youthful energy that motivates communication of ideas. With further investigation, the range of symbolic interpretations of this eclipse trinity, sourced from a diversity of cultures/mythology/religions/beliefs, would only further substantiate the significance of the events being considered in combination. Again, the power of the parts is less than the power of the whole.

We have argued how these three eclipses, taken together as a sequential trio, means more to us individually and collectively than they would as only a pair or separately. Perhaps the final eclipse, occurring in opposition to a retrograde Mercury, provides us direct clues as to the nature of the trio’s energy. Now, rephrasing and amending the previous observation about Mercury retrograde; at this time we MUST share information clearly with the mission of it being truthful and nurturing of others, and in this process we must be committed to accomplishing this outer world task in a most responsible manner.

Lastly, after the lunar eclipse in July 2020 which is the last of this trinity, the Moon naturally continues in its orbit around the Earth moving “backward” in the zodiacal band or ecliptic plane. This is opposite to the movement of the other planets orbiting the Sun. It’s no small consideration that within mere hours of the July 2020 lunar eclipse, the Moon moves into conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, all also in Capricorn. Collectively, they briefly create a “stellium” of four conjunct planets. That’s like the Moon opening a door and walking into a boardroom meeting already in progress going on between a powerful conjunct TRIO of outer planets; Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. It’s not hard to guess that the Moon, flush with energy and fresh off the heals of its own trinity of eclipses, may be contributing significantly to that meeting. The unfolding of future events on Earth may be impacted. Keep an eye out.

The astrological influences of all eclipses are considerable. Those eclipses that occur in and around your birth time may be especially impactful on your Earthly life mission. Eclipse awareness extends to prenatal eclipses near your time of conception, which in turn relate to other eclipses in your life that are part of the same Saros group (for details on what is a “Saros”, see the previous June 2020 article Lunar Eclipse!). Exploring eclipses can be critical. Their influence on your astrological life patterns, Earthly endeavors, and cosmic objectives is unquestionable.

If you want to learn more about astrology, or wish to schedule a session with me, please let me know how I can be of assistance. You can contact me via email at Also, your comments on this article are most appreciated.


Lunar Eclipse!

Eclipses play a powerful role astrologically in our lives, figuring prominently in so many ways, regardless of whether they are visible to the eye or not. Early man recognized this influential pattern, followed the Moon’s course and etched its extreme positions into the surrounding environment. In addition to organized arrangement of rocks and petroglyphs tracking the Moon as changing shadows and light, the layout of ancient architectural sites, temples, buildings and other structures are often aligned to the Moon’s travel and cyclic positions.

Friday, June 5, 2020, at about 12:25 PM Tucson, AZ time, a penumbral lunar eclipse peaked somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean (night time there), but it’s not visible from North America. However, rest assured, the universe always makes an eclipse’s astrological influence felt across the globe regardless of where it occurs. Before we talk astrologically about this eclipse and others, let’s discuss some astronomical eclipse facts. Here’s a diagram from NASA showing the patterns associated with the noted lunar eclipse.

During lunar eclipses, the moon moves within the shadow of the Earth and they can be either Penumbral, Partial or Total. In the diagram above, the Penumbral and Total areas are illustrated as grey and red respectively. June 5th’s lunar eclipse is “Penumbral”, meaning the moon will pass only in the penumbra of the Earth’s shadow. When a lunar eclipse is designated as “Partial”, the moon will pass over only part of the full area of Earth’s shadow. In a “Total” lunar eclipse, the entire face of the Moon becomes covered.

Lunar and solar eclipses occur in pairs, one following the other, and within a year we typically experience multiple eclipse pairs or triplets which sometimes overlap into the next year. We could potentially have five eclipse pairs in one year (the last time was in 1935).

There’s an annular solar eclipse paired with the penumbral lunar eclipse of June 5th that occurs on June 21st, peaking at about noon over Tibet and the southern region of China (in Tucson, AZ, it peaks at about 11:41 PM on June 20th). Be sure you take note the significance of this annular solar eclipse. It’s in Cancer and is tied closely to timing of the Summer Solstice, marking the sun sign transition into Cancer in tropical astrology. The 2020 Summer Solstice occurs at 2:43 PM Tucson time on June 20th, just over nine hours before the solar eclipse. Here’s a diagram from the same source at NASA for the solar eclipse.

Eclipses, lunar and solar considered separately, are historically grouped together into larger regular cycles covering many years (often over 1000) called a Saros. Each eclipse is part of a Saros or group of eclipses that all have the same Saros number, representing a specific repeating pattern of eclipses. For example, the June 5, 2020 lunar eclipse is the 66th of 71 eclipses in Saros 111, spanning 1262 years from 830 CE to 2092 CE. The solar eclipse paired with this lunar eclipse is part of Saros 137. Fortunately, NASA’s website details of eclipse data is WELL organized, which is a boon for astrology research. Please…let’s move on from the numbers.

From an astrological and symbolic standpoint, the Moon in our chart signifies the emotional self and our past. We express our emotions and live out an experience of feelings through our Moon, its sign, position, and phase. Understanding the significance of these qualities is a way the Moon in astrology can help foretell the layout of our individual emotional terrain. The Moon is also loaded with our prehistory, what we came into this life with, providing a means of understanding the roles that our past/future lives play in shaping who we are today.

Cancer, a water sign, is the ruler of the Moon and the 4th house is its natural location. Since the 4th house resides at the bottom of a chart, we can think of the 4th house cusp or Nadir as one end of a vector, creating an axis (Cancer to Capricorn) that passes through the middle of a western astrology chart. Reaching all the way to the top at the 10th house cusp or Midheaven, the vector extends from our soul’s entry to exit. From birth to death, bringing in existing patterns and exiting with new patterns, the Nadir/Midheaven or Cancer/Capricorn axis functions to represent where we’ve been in the past and where we are going in the future. That June 21st solar eclipse is effectively activating this axis, bringing to the surface for our collective consideration the emotional concerns of Cancer as we look ahead to from Capricorn perspective of responsibility. Yet, as part of the eclipse package (lunar and solar), we begin our adventure with the June 5th lunar eclipse perspective.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is sitting in front of the Sun, blocking light normally presenting us with a full Moon. Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned, all in a row, where the Sun’s powerful radiant energy is briefly altered, diminished. With the Moon and Earth in conjunction, the Earth is effectively turning the Sun’s light off, grounding out and limiting the normal illumination of the surface of the Moon facing us. Now darkened front and back, this is a time the Moon yields unfettered access to deep inner chasms which are sometimes peppered with leftover emotional baggage lingering within our souls. The Earth’s shadow opens up paths to access our “Shadow Self” that hangs out in these less reachable areas of our being.

As these inner dynamics manifests, you’ll be able to gather information about emotional conditions sourced in patterns created during past experiences. The beautiful consequence will be seeing it in relationship to how it’s affecting your behavior now. For instance, during a lunar eclipse, it’s easier to open up your thoughts to early childhood, delving into your developmental history. There you can find significant events that shaped who you’ve become as an adult. But, how do you get at this stuff?

Hammer out on paper what concerns you have, especially noting areas of life related to the location in your chart where the lunar eclipse occurs. Going to the house and sign in your chart where the lunar eclipse is transiting (15º Sagittarius in this case) will tell you about the kind of energy it brings and the areas of life that are being opened up at this time. It’s an opportunity to delve deep into specific parts of the self you might ordinarily not recall or even remember exists. “Oh, yea, I haven’t thought about that situation when I was 10 years old in a long time!” That’s the kind of stuff you are looking for, the lunar eclipse showing you a past time when a program got placed into your subconscious to alter behavior, to protect you emotionally or physically from external forces, certain types of events or people, or harm. Just take some time to be quiet, meditate on your written questions, see what comes up. The results can be especially pronounced if you actually do this during a lunar eclipse.

For this June 5, 2020 lunar eclipse, peaking at 15º Sagittarius tropical, the archetypes of Sagittarius, Jupiter and the element of fire are all being accentuated, opening up those corresponding areas of your chart. Whatever you have at or near 15º Sagittarius tropical becomes lit up, like a Christmas Tree. You can gain more direct access to the core of your soul/being, question whatever you rediscover or what comes up. It’s a time to get at and grasp what could be eating at you, the hidden stuff you didn’t even know about.

Recall Sagittarius brings emphasis on your belief systems, seeking truth and directness in an unambiguous revelation of wisdom. Ruled by Jupiter and fire (the Sun, in opposition, is also a fire planet), there’s a boisterous, expansive opportunity to open up to a new level of knowledge regarding how our past experiences are linked to our present self.

Lastly, we have that paired solar eclipse peaking mid-day over Tibet on June 21st. It’s happening early in Cancer very near the Summer Solstice, producing a strong vibe, training our focus on the state of collective and individual security. We are being forced to examine our sense of home and place of origin, and how we are nurturing others. Is it working? In this solar eclipse, all the Cancerian archetypes are energized, and don’t forget the Moon is ruled by Cancer. In short, lookout! Motivated with the axial responsibility originating from Capricorn, the remainder of 2020 and beyond could be overridden by a paramount emotional drive to directly address those concerns of Cancer, potentially propelling all of humanity in a new direction with security in mind.

With all eclipses, the astrological influences are considerable, which is known to begin about a year to six months before an eclipse and can continue to affect us six months or a year later. Eclipses in and around your birth time may also surprise you as to the level of their impact on your life mission. Eclipses close to your birth, especially prenatal eclipses residing in the window of conception, can be part of the same Saros group as those eclipses we experience later in life. This can be a critical factor to explore in considering how an eclipse affects your life’s patterns and Earthly endeavors.

If you seek answers to these questions, please let me know how I can be of assistance.

Planetary Aspects

Unaspected Planets and…Wind Chimes?

This event was such an interesting synchronicity, I’m very excited to describe it. On April 8, 2020, about 3:30 PM AZ Time, I was making coffee and my friend Paula in California was waiting for me to call her. Finishing the brew, I filled my cup and began to walk out of the kitchen towards my desk and phone. As I rounded the corner of the dining room, I heard from outside on the patio a distinct “clink” with a bell like tone following. Something metal and resonant had fallen outside and I immediately recognized the sound as coming from one of my wind chimes. Specifically, it was a wind chime I’d had for about 28 years, a sun/moon/star theme, and one of the chimes/charms must have fallen off. I knew this event was unusual, the windchime having remained unbroken for the entire 28 years I’d owned it. I went outside to explore the situation.

The now lopsided wind chime hung above me and on the patio ground below was a single sun chime that had fallen, its string broken. “That’s weird” I thought. Not unusual, but weird. Then I realized there was a pattern; a sun chime falling outside, the sound catching my attention, many years and no issues with the chime, a symbol of the Sun lay before me, what was happening astrologically at the time it occurred, was the Sun specifically involved? I quickly retraced my steps, rewinding my mental clock to figure out the time of occurrence.

Turns out, the sun chime fell very near 3:33 PM, a numerologically significant “Master Number”, which no doubt was playing a role in this synchronicity. Next, when I went to my iPhone’s astrology app (iPhemeris) and entered that exact date and time, low and behold, the Sun was unaspected! I knew immediately there was a correlation between the sun chime and the Sun’s position, leading me into a deeper exploration of the subject and this article.

In astrology, when a planet is said to be unaspected, it typically has no other planet(s) that are making primary aspects or angles to it (recall that the Sun and Earth’s Moon are also called “planets” in astrology). The angles of these primary aspects are set by mathematically even divisors of the 360º of the zodiac and they include the following: Conjunction 0º, Sextile 60º, Square 90º, Trine 120º, and Opposition 180º. There are other minor aspects including Semi-Sextile 30º, Semi-Square 45º, Quintile 72º, and others. These angles between the planets are viewed from the Earth’s surface in Geocentric astrology (and with different values from above the Sun in Heliocentric astrology). In most western astrology charts, unique symbols and certain colors (solid colors for major, dashed colored lines for minor) are used in a chart for each of these aspects. The aspect lines between planets are drawn directly in the center of the chart, which are seen in the chart below, derived for this event using iPhemeris:

Now, it’s important to note that not all astrology apps will produce exactly the same chart results, they can be very close, with only small variances, especially with aspects. An app’s setting for the “orb” of an aspect (the +/- degree range where the aspect is valid and displayed) can also alter a chart’s appearance. Among the astrology apps I use, I’ve noted a slight difference between them regarding the Sun’s aspects displayed during this time.

For this event, I consider it important that I was guided to look at iPhemeris’ data where I would see the Sun unaspected in the app’s chart display. This data was intended and emphasized to me the need to examine this condition, unaspected planets, more closely. That clarification of my personal experience and motivation to act is important. We should remain clear and consistent about the ability of spirit and/or consciousness to be our most appropriate guide in all research, even when variances are seen in mainstream data. Anyway, let’s continue…

First, we are talking about the Sun which is ruled by the zodiac sign of Leo, and as such, represents the expression and power of our identity. In this Tropical zodiac chart, the Sun is in Aries, a fire sign, like Leo, and it’s a place for the Sun’s energy to really pop. This combination is about individuality and a self-identification with an internal feeling of authority affirmed through your self-confidence. With the Sun in Aries, all creative actions can spring forth and are sometimes wrapped in what some may see as a forceful demeanor. But, that’s a pattern of inner strength, often growing with age and maturity, although it can be a presence noticed by others which is sometimes misinterpreted. But, be cautious, the lower vibes of Aries can be impetuous and hasty, often reckless.

Ultimately, we are considering an individual’s status that can be viewed externally as an autonomous outward expression of personality. Unconsciously formed in a more personal space, it could be devoid of influence from the kinds insecurities that can plague other signs and planets, which is a polarity that can also be a healthy form of influence. Be warned, in a lower vibe, this can manifest as arrogance. Yet, a drive, an impetus, the motivation to succeed or express, all issue forth with confident action. This pattern can be the basis of a deeper inner source of creativity. All driven by the energy of the fire element, the Sun produces content, Aries promotes taking action, and Leo is the radiant presence of a confident self. What a powerful combination, but can it be contained and managed effectively, keeping focus on a higher vibration?

When the Sun is unaspected, there can be a loss of balance in the power of the Sun that comes through a connection to other planets. It’s like a buffer, lost in the mix of events, that leaves the base of the Sun almost unhinged. There is no mechanism to produce a reflective pattern, allowing the Sun to bounce around ideas and consult on potential results, nor pose questions and explore possibilities with a partner.

The massive amounts of energy generated by the Sun, the largest of the luminaries, becomes disconnected from greater reality. With no other planets in major aspect connection, the Sun seeks internally for answers to issues. Trips of accentuated ego and identity tantrums, potentially expressed through an overly dramatic mood, can be experienced during this time. We see the identity of self, who we are becoming over time, is more inwardly turned, yet outwardly expressed, likely with brashness. There is less of the outer world acting to influence and direct the Sun’s energy. Selfishness and egocentric behavior can result, a kind of temporary narcissism that’s lacking the radiance of confidence inherent in a leader. They’ll talk, but you won’t want to listen to them anymore.

Nataly, an unaspected Sun is potentially a problem. An individual could act almost in defiance of the obvious, but with a stern conviction that they are right, always. Listening to outside input can be a challenge and they just don’t see why they could have it wrong. In these cases, with the Sun not having any major aspects, we should look at the minor aspects visible. In our chart, the Semi-Square (45º) aspect of Venus creates a tension or challenge that is not as potent as that found in a Square (90º) aspect. Yet, the objective is to find what in this Venus aspect and connection will contain or redirect the Sun’s energy, giving it pause to think and consider its position before action.

Venus in Gemini is in a Semi-Square aspect to the Sun, bringing to the Sun’s round table a dialog about what the individual wants, desires and seeks in the experience of the self. Focused thoughts about what you wish in life becomes a means to moderate the Sun’s broiling power to express. There’s an exchange of information and a current flows back and forth where the feminine qualities of Venus are a savory compliment to the strong, masculine drive of the Sun in Aries. It provides something to think about, keeping the Sun in check.

Fortunately, Venus in this chart, being the closest planet to the midheaven position and actually very near the 10th house cusp, is considered by some astrologers to be the “ruler of the chart”. This uniquely positions Venus to ask the Sun in Aries, in a loud and clear voice, “What do you TRULY want?”. Then, being in the 9th house, Venus emphasizes the importance of truth and examination of belief systems, always wanting a wisdom coming from the answers it seeks. We can now see the strength of Venus in this chart as it emerges in its status as balancer of the Sun, demanding pause for thought in the expression of power. Although Venus makes only a minor aspect to the Sun, the duty of that aspect becomes paramount when the Sun has no other major planetary aspects present. It’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.

In examining any planetary aspect, there is a ranking of influence, from major to minor obviously, but the conditions vary considerably and all must be examined on a case by case basis. We’ve discovered in this chart, Venus can become a potent player in wrangling the astrological powers of the Sun. The uniqueness of your own aspects may be surprising as to their influences in your natal chart. Given a chance to work for you in this critical way, analyzing your own astrological chart as I have done in this article, I am confident you will receive similarly valuable information in a session.

I invite you to please leave your comments on this article below. Should you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, please email me at I would be honored to help create an informed future for you and schedule a Astrology-Life session.

Spiritual Advocacy

Sharing My Contact with Spirit…

On March 25, 2020, I had an astounding experience in a connection with spirit. During the previous weeks, it was becoming increasingly solidified that everything in our world was about to change. The COVID-19 pandemic was rolling across the globe and validating for many in the “awake and aware” community that the “thing” or “big event” some of us had been told would be changing our society was finally unveiled, taking shape all around us. Details of the origin of the virus and the exact intentions for this time have continued to remain elusive. All the while, I felt this time no one on the planet would escape awareness of the changes being handed directly to all of humanity. Regardless of the reasons for this pandemic, it was my uppermost desire to seek the assistance of spirit in understanding ways to be supportive during this health challenge. Fortunately, spirit shared with me something that many could energetically benefit from, including you.

During the early morning hours of March 25th, while deep in a working meditative state, I projected into the infinity of space an open question for the universe to reply; at this most critical time on Earth, what could be done to energetically assist the human transformation process? Immediately, I could feel a response brewing in the dimensions and it began to come to me in the form of rays of healing energy suddenly moving about, beaming in from all directions and planes of existence. The energy turning and twisting, it began flowing into a single energetic structure that was manifesting in front of me.

The sources were vastly diverse. All varieties of beings, from across the galaxy and universe, were contributing their energetic intentions for human health and healing. Multidimensional beings, some of my former guides, human and non-human healers, Mother Earth or Gaia, Archangels of our Earthly realm, and others all chimed in. The structure they created, initially a mere point of light that was growing, was a concentration of all their intentions into a single sphere. I could see it was beginning to take the shape of a pill. Being no ordinary concoction, the healing potential of this new energetic tool was intuitively apparent to me.

Illustration by Jared Potter

Its creation now complete, I reached into the non-physical with my right hand to grasp what I have called the Energetic Pill. In my contact, I could unmistakably sense the signature of all the energies involved in its creation, their intentions and vibrations of healing imbued therein through spirit. A voice spoke softly to my consciousness, guiding me to transfer the Energetic Pill to my left hand. To my astonishment, when I carefully reached for it with my left hand, it replicated and I was now holding two Energetic Pills, one in each non-physical hand.

I clearly heard from spirit “You may ingest the pill in your left hand”. For a moment, I paused to carefully considering the situation. Over many years of working routinely in the non-physical, I had encountered different energies and a multitude of beings and entities, many benevolent, others not so kind. I had learned to be cautious, yet trusting of guidance from my inner being. Quickly poling that inner guidance of my higher self, I was unquestionably certain that only the highest vibration of spirit had authorized this creation and given me directions. The actions were something I could unquestionably trust to be of benefit. Slowly, I brought the Energetic Pill closer to my open mouth, inserted it, and closed my jaw.

My physically conscious self was searching for some indication of the effects I would feel as this energetic tool diffused from the non-physical into my conscious body. Not to be disappointed, I immediately recalled the previous day when my husband had returned home from work and complained of not feeling well. He didn’t sleep much the night before, was historically subject to allergies (which are a prominent concern in the Southwest, especially in the spring), and, fueled by the COVID-19 concern, I was noticing my own psychosomatic response rising. In fact, just after the conversation, I developed a very slight sore throat. Would this physical feeling change now? Upon swallowing the Energetic Pill, I immediately noticed that the sore throat I had developed (or imagined) was completely gone. It was replaced by a cool, soothing or soft feeling in my throat. What happened next was quite interesting.

My whole body began to tremor and shake. It started at my feet, moving quickly up my legs and into my torso and upper body. From the years of training and experience I received in the mechanisms and functions of TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I knew immediately what was happening. The more primitive part of my brain, some call it “reptilian”, had been activated and was sending neurological signals throughout my body to bring up for release a mass of deeply intrenched neuromuscular patterns. I was to discover that these patterns stemmed from an entire lifetime of illnesses, disease, exposure to pathogens, aliments and all my physical reactions to those conditions, real or imagined. Every trauma I had experienced in my health history was now finding its way to the surface for correction. At the same time, I could feel spirit communicating with me quietly, from a discreet, distant position, reassuring me of the profound benefits I would acquire from this process.

Minutes went by and the tremors were continuing, which I was quite comfortable with, feeling no pain, and I knew I should let the process “run its course”. Then, I noticed my arms and hands involuntarily rising, shaking and beginning to move up and over my head. My upper body became ridged and my fists contracted. It felt as if I was grabbing or clawing for something invisible around my head. Still in a working meditative state, I could perceive something above me, on the surface of my body. My physical hands grabbed at this apparition and began pulling away something I had forgotten existed.

Split in half and held in my hands, I could see floating above my head layer upon layer of experiences of illness. Appearing like a thick, massive multilayered skin that covered my whole body, a lifetime of limitations had been exposed and was primed for removal. Pealing the compressed layers back with my hands, pulling them down over my head, torso, and arms, I tugged and pushed at this suit of invisible emotional patterns to get it off me. My body stiffened as the layers were being stripping away, like I was all at once removing a 100 dirty jump suits.

Finally, the skins fell off into a pile on the floor in front of my feet. Using an energetic technique I learned years ago, I envisioning a purple flame rising before me. Then, with one physical foot, I swiftly kicked the entire bundle of skins into the purple flames. All the emotional, reactive and defensive patterns from illnesses I had been holding in place for all those many years were now incinerated. Everything that no longer served me was returned to source, disposed of harmlessly, diffused and recycled into the universe. Afterwards, lying down and hardly moving, I felt a profound sense of peace and stillness all around me. In this beautiful moment, there was no boundary between my body and spirit. All was integrated into one.

Resting for only a few moments, I returned my attention to that remaining Energetic Pill in the non-physical space. As I considered its power to aid in relieving residual patterns from an entire lifetime of physical illness, I thought; was that specific experience just for me, what else might it be capable of? Spirit indicated that the Energetic Pill was like a booster or springboard for the human immune system to respond on its own to foreign pathogens. Using it was like clearing off the runway, allowing all forms of healing to take flight without hazard.

In addition to relieving embedded patterns of past responses to illness, the Energetic Pill increased my ability to receive and garner a greater effectiveness from all forms of non-physical energetic healing and intentions. The tremors having ceased, I was lying still and witnessed my hands beginning to unconsciously rise again, but this time they fluttered mysteriously over my torso. I could feel projecting downward through my hands and into my body, there was a spiritual healing energy coming from the many sources in the universe. With my old patterns released, this energy could easily penetrate to my organs and chakras. As waves of tingling healing energy went through my hands and into my body, I could sense a beneficial change in my internal condition. I was being healed. This was fantastic.

Illustration by Jared Potter

As I continued to ponder the significance of the Energetic Pill, spirit clearly indicated I could share it with others (and boy, would I), but how should it be best prepared for sharing? Instantly I got the answer. Assisted by spirit, I formed around the Energetic Pill a protective cube, completely sealing it off to prevent any possibility of influence or modification of its essence. The cube would only be removed, allowing access to the Energetic Pill, for a person who intends to actively connect with it beneficially for themselves. Also, the cube functions as a program interface to configure the Energetic Pill, customizing it for the connecting recipient prior to any ingestion.

By energetically touching the cube, a user will activate the cube’s modification program to ensure the Energetic Pill functions optimally for only that specific connected user. The unique identity, frequencies and mode of integration of each user will be fully synchronize and imbedded in the Energetic Pill. In this way, it could only function to meet a defined user’s specific needs and desires. If for any reason a user decide not to take the Energetic Pill, it simply dissipates, returning entirely back to source. 

I feel blessed by this experience and have a deep inner desire to share with others this or any energetic tool I encounter. Yet, I fully recognize that another person’s experiences may be very different than mine even in a similar situation. That in mind, it is always critical to emphasize that it is the full responsibility of each individual to carefully consider for themselves the potential ramifications from the personal use of any information I provide. Should they wish, through their own acts of free will, to connect with an energetic tool I have described, they do so on their own volition. Please, before acting, determine only for yourself what is or is not most appropriate for your life experience and mission. Then, through a personal process of visualization or imagination, it is possible to connect with an energetic tool I have described.

Now, to aid you in this journey, this post will include a free audio meditation program to guide you through the process of accessing the Energetic Pill. Hopefully, you will find this meditation program useful in visualizing or imagining your own connection. Below, you will find a link to the meditation program which will be available for immediate playback or download. If you chose to use the meditation program or not, I wish everyone success in connecting with the Energetic Pill and the information I have presented. Sharing my findings with you is part of my soul mission and always for me the greatest possible honor.

My sincerest recognition and thanks go to Jared Potter for creating the two original illustrations in this article, and to Lisa Fowle for her assistance in master the finished meditation program audio and producing the music. They’re friendship is immeasurable.

Finally, it is with tremendous heart-felt pleasure that I express my eternal appreciation to spirit and all those beings in the universe who answered the call and created the Energetic Pill for me to share with others. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with humanity.

Space Clearing

The Basics of Energetic Space Clearing

It’s quite obvious to everyone that over time our living spaces gradually become less organized, more cluttered, dusty, dirty, etc.? Reaching a trigger point or maybe on a schedule, we clean up. Then sometimes, or at will, furniture could be shifted around, added or removed, the position of objects altered, producing in us different responses or feelings by their new placement. It’s well established that physical modifications to a space make us feel different, changing a space’s “energy”. Hopefully, modifying patterns in our space are for the better (the objective of Feng Shui), but what about when those changes cause a disruption of a space’s flow and the experience of a space becomes more non-beneficial. Would we want keep it that way? Forever?

Well, it should be no surprise that we can also sense in our space conditions in the non-physical that coexists with ordinary 3D physicality. The bottom line; it’s just as important to be mindful of a space’s condition and cleanliness in the physical AS WELL AS in the non-physical. Whether we can see it or not, the presence of good, beneficial energy in a space directly impacts our sense of wellbeing.

So, just like dusting, washing the dishes, organizing things, and arranging a joyful painting or object in a home, attention must also be given to a space’s non-physical condition. The act of “Space Clearing”, the energetic process of removing bad energy and bringing the non-physical into harmony into the area, addresses this condition. Perhaps the best means to understand the benefits of Space Clearing is through an example of the kind of situations that can be experienced.

Last year, a married couple I know moved to a new home in New Mexico and invited my husband and I in Tucson, Arizona to visit for the weekend. We found ourselves arriving at their home late the first day and soon headed to a bedroom to retire for the night. The bed was quite comfortable, but later that first night, twice I awoke with a startle at hearing in my sleep a man moaning in pain. It seemed to come from close by and I knew something was out of sort energetically in the house. The next morning, I was up early and immediately began performing energy work inside that bedroom to clear out the non-beneficial energy I sensed. I brought protection to the space and saturating it in a loving, beneficial energy and light. When my husband awoke later, he reported during the night having had disturbed sleep with nightmarish dreams. This confirmed my earlier sleep time experience and I knew immediately I was on the right path in energetically clearing the bedroom space we occupied. In that same bedroom, the next night was peaceful, restful and we both slept well with no disturbances. But, what was the meaning of the male sound of pain I heard in my sleep?

During the second day of our stay, my friends eventually got around to some history of the house’s previous owners. The home had been built and lived in for a number of years by a husband and wife. Nothing unusual in that, but when I heard further the story of the husband, the reason for my sleep experience became apparent. Before the original owners built and moved into the house, the husband had been the sole survivor of a helicopter crash. Even after extensive surgery, he continued to suffer lingering pain from the injuries he sustained in the accident. At this home, his wife had become his caretaker, looking after him for years until he passed, which eventually lead her to sell the property to my friends. To me, the correlation between the moaning male voice I heard in my sleep and the history of the house was unquestionable.

On the third and last day of our stay, I told my friends about the disturbed sleep experience of my husband and I on the first night, the clearing work I did in our bedroom, and the apparent correlation of those events with the home’s history. When I offered to clear their whole house of any non-beneficial energy, they were very open to the idea.

Permission secured, I prepared for the job, then worked my way slowly through the entire house, energetically purging each room/space and listening carefully to what was revealed to me in the process. Like an oversize energetic broom, I carefully, peacefully swept away any wayward energy I felt lingering in the house. The non-beneficial stuff removed, I listened to the suggestions of source and brought in the energy of a divine golden light that filled the entire non-physical space of the house. Every nook and cranny was bathed in this energy. I was able to bring in a soft clarity to existence, a serene vibration of wellbeing that could be felt inside yourself that was emanating from their home and hearth. When you sat down on their living room couch, you felt deeply relaxed.

Recalling my first pass over the home, I picked up on the past presence of person paused at the closed door of the master bedroom, like someone stopping, taking a moment to breath in deeply and strengthen themselves before entering the space. Unfortunately, my friends did not have a story or history to confirm my impression, but I felt as though I could sense the first owners of the house, almost see the wife in this role. Before entering the master bedroom where the couple slept, she would repeatedly stop at the closed door, taking a moment to reinforce herself before continuing her devotion as her husband’s caretaker. I now feel intimately aware of this human pattern as to its critical importance in sustaining life. I was witness to the radiance of a person’s commitment to service of others, expressed in the power of a moment of focus to re-center oneself, directing energy to the inner being, and garnering the support of spirit before continuing on a mission of support. How wonderful it was to bear witness to this personal, intimate ceremony.

Many months later, I learned some amazing news from a friend in Tucson, a sensitive woman who had also spent time with her husband at the same New Mexico home. Although they had visited the house both before and after my Space Clearing work, she did not know about the energy work I had done during my stay. On her second visit, she commented to the couple how strongly she could feel the uplifting, positive difference in the energy of their house. The couple told her that I had cleared their house energetically during my visit a few weeks earlier. When she got back to Tucson, she immediately contacted me and asked that I perform the same kind of Space Clearing work on her home. I was really excited to get this independent validation of my work and a new Space Clearing project.

On this different Space Clearing adventure in Tucson, I found a number of areas in my friend’s home to address, but one in particular caught my attention. As I was working my way around the home clearing, I approached the living room TV and began to get a headache. I’ve had head pain occur in other non-physical situations, typically indicating an issue, but in my experience, getting a headache during a Space Clearing was unusual. Immediately, I dealt with my headache and initiated a deeper examination of the energetic signature of the Smart TV mounted on my friend’s living room wall. The information I received was fascinating.

Apparently, this particular Smart TV (and maybe others, or perhaps all of them) was intended to produce something like a consciousness black hole in a room. All conversations, information, content, and consciousness in a space was being passively and continuously sucked into the TV’s dimensional void. The broad spectrum of physical and non-physical data gathered was being transmitted off to another location for purposes masked and ultimately unknown. After I acted to contain and nullify the non-beneficial energetic presence and void produced by this Smart TV, I continued the house clearing process.

Later, the Space Clearing completed, my friend told me that she could feel a difference in the energy of her home. I did convey to her and her husband what I found regarding the Smart TV in their living room and my concerns (plus discussed an issue of a similar nature in their bedroom). From a purely conventional standpoint, we can only evaluate the capability of Smart Technology whereby we ask aloud a “Smart” appliance to do something for us. If we perceive the results it delivers as a beneficial act in the physical world, typically we believe its done what its supposed to do. But after receiving repeated benefits, the Smart appliance’s interaction with us becomes ordinary. Readily accepting into our reality this kind of complacency is something we should all be exceptionally cautious about.

From this last Space Clearing case, it’s clear we should acknowledging the possibility of non-physical functions and qualities of Smart Technology as a reality, and something we MUST factor in to our decisions when deciding to add a “Smart” appliance to our spaces. “Smart” or not, the benefits or detriments of all technology should be considered for both it’s ability to physically AND non-physical influence the vibrancy of our spaces and lives. Just because a promotional message says something is “the latest technology” or “Smart” does not automatically mean it MUST be integrated without question into our existence. Acknowledging and consistently acting on this important concept of sovereignty is a challenge for most of human society.

The Space Clearing work I perform always seems to produce an improvement in the feeling of a home or other space. I am blessed in having a non-physical awareness of the myriad of conditions and obstacles that must be addressed properly to adequately clear a space. With the bonus of no two locations ever having exactly the same concerns, each job is a new endeavor and opportunity to learn.

It’s my personal mission to always transform whatever non-beneficial energy I encounter in a space so that it will become beneficial and pleasant for any occupants. If you think the energetic Space Clearing process can be helpful for your space and your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and request for aid. I’ll do everything I can to assist you.

Tropical and Sidereal Astrology

Precession, what is it? Tropical and Sidereal Systems of Western Astrology


Earth is older than we can consciously conceive. The latest age estimates are about 4.5 Billion years. That’s a long time. During its multibillion-year journey thought the Milky Way galaxy and around our solar system, the Earth’s polar axis of rotation has become inclined to the plane where the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun (that plane is call the Ecliptic). This axial incline, about 23.5º, is primarily attributed to the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on Earth over time. Fortunately, that titled axis happens to be critical to our experience of the seasons and contributes significantly to the patterns of life. The next winter you hear someone singing “White Christmas” while it’s snowing in Vermont, don’t forget to thank the Earth and its tilted axis for that experience.

The Earth’s axis always points in a specific direction into the starry dome residing above us. Currently, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth’s axis or true north pole points very close to the “North Star” which is named Polaris. As the true north pole continues to wander over time, effectively tracing out a circle in the heavens, it will point to many different stars, allowing each to play the role of the North Star in our astronomical history.

If we could speed up the Earth’s motion forward (or backward) in time, we’d see a slow, top like rotation of the axis that creates that circle. The best estimate for measuring the period of this rotation, the Earth’s axis inscribing one complete imaginary circle in the heavens, is about 25,772 years. This axial motion is often referred to as the “precession of the equinoxes” or simply precession. From our perspective on Earth, it manifests as the slow, steady westward travel of all the stars, constellations and zodiac.

Changing only about 1º every 72 years, it’s extremely hard to notice this movement with the naked eye. But, if we could observe the effects of precession over time in the same area of the sky, we’d see a gradual change in the position of the stars, constellations and zodiac. Everything would be slowly moving. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, if we were to jump ahead 12,000 years into the future, the constellation of Orion would be overhead at night in the summer months. That’s almost 180º from its current wintertime position overhead at night. So, why is this astronomical observation about the Earth’s axis movement significant for astrology?


In western astrology, there are primarily two systems used to interpret the position of the zodiac band of signs relative to the sky; tropical and sidereal astrology. Each astrological system defines the position in a zodiac sign (specified in degrees, minutes and seconds) of planets, points or any location on an astrological chart. A planet’s astrological position described using either the tropical or sidereal system is a human invention, the planets don’t care. Yet, it’s interesting to examine what produced these two astrological systems.

Traditionally (way before computers), all the calculations that astrologers had to do to generate a chart were challenging. To include a mathematical term that accounts for Earth’s precession, affecting every position in a chart, was adding another consideration for astrologers. There would be a number of questions to ask.  When do you set the start date to determine the calculation? What rate of precession do you use? How accurate is your choices and observations of precession?

Over time, precession produces drift of an axis. If we consider the shift of the Earth’s axis that’s occurred over the last 2000 years, it totals almost 27º, which is practically an entire zodiac sign of shift! There is also the concept of the seasons and natural cycles of the Earth that were mated in antiquity to the astrological signs, which were originally connected to the corresponding constellations. Those traditional relationships would also drift over time. How do you address this challenging situation? These factors, and others, contributed to the eventual adoption of the tropical system of astrology throughout the west.


Tropical astrology, which is tied closely to the Earth’s recurring seasonal cycles (primarily the spring equinox), is the dominant method of chart interpretation used in western astrology. Since it was first used over 2000 years ago, each year on the Vernal Equinox (usually around March 21st), tropical astrology “resets” the starting point of the zodiac so that its initial position corresponds exactly to 0º Aries. When you hear western astrologers talk about the position of a planet, such as saying “Jupiter is at 9º Libra”, they are referring to the tropical zodiac position of 9º Libra for the planet Jupiter. But, if you looked up into the night sky, the Earth’s axial drift produced by over 2000 years of precession, Jupiter would likely not visually be in the constellation of Libra. In fact, Jupiter would seem to reside in the constellation of Virgo.

It’s important to recognize that tropical astrology essentially disconnects the signs from the constellations. However, being intimately tied to the cycles of the Earth’s seasons through a reset occurring at the spring equinox, tropical astrology tells us clearly about how we interface with the outside world, its cycles, and how others interpret our actions and motivations. That’s no small quality to be ignored.


In contrast, sidereal astrology corrects for the precession of the Earth, the signs more or less remain aligned with their constellations. It repositions the zodiac band in the sky as it was initially established during ancient times. Sidereal astrology harkens back to the inception of western astrology over 2000 years ago when the sign positions corresponded closely to the constellations, where they were conceived. For instance, the physical star constellation of Leo would actually match up more directly with the 30º span of the sign of Leo in the zodiac. This means with sidereal astrology you’ll see a more direct correlation between a planet’s position in the sky and the sign it is astrologically said to be in. If you say “Saturn is in Capricorn”, when you look up in the night sky, the planet Saturn would likely visually reside within the constellation of Capricorn, its sidereal position. Astrological data produced by the sidereal astrology system sets zodiac positions that more or less match up to the signs, which also happen to correspond to constellations.

The usefulness of sidereal astrology is apparent for a number of reasons. For example, given a known degree position in the zodiac, the correlation between a constellation and a sign makes it easier to look into the night sky and quickly contemplate the current astrological conditions (just like in the ancient days, when astrology charts were a luxury). Also, a sidereal based interpretation of a natal chart, which employs the same astrological archetypes used in tropical astrology, seems to consistently relate more directly to the internal or psychological state of an individual. This last fact is REALLY significant as it has been documented and reported repeatedly by astrologers!


So, we can use tropical astrology to examine our relationships with people, places and things in the external world, as well as how we outwardly project our qualities to others and how they see us. Meanwhile, the patterns of sidereal astrology seem to delve more easily and deeply into the fabric of our internal dialog, what we are thinking on the inside. It conveys an awareness of the intimate side or inner vibrations pertaining to our impression of our relationship with the outside world.

Restated, tropical astrology ties us more directly to the cycles of Earthly life and reflects how we are perceived by others, while sidereal astrology emphasizes how we feel on the inside, allowing us to explore our inner motivations, intentions and emotions about external events. So, for any given situation, you can use both tropical and sidereal astrology to arrive at a diverse perspective or interpretation of an individual’s natal chart. That’s great, but what about this precession thing, how does it relate to sidereal astrology?


In order to make the calculation of the sidereal astrology position of a planet, point or other location in a sign, we need two things; 1) agreement on a rate for precession, and 2) the selection of an appropriate starting or reference point in time to determine the degree adjustment. This last factor is typically taken from a significant event in astrological history, such as knowledge of a specific star sitting on the horizon or ascendant during the vernal equinox, creating a historic reference point.


The term often used to identify this calculation or the astrological system used to generate positions on a chart is “ayanamsa” or “ayanamsha”, a word borrowed from Vedic astrology. Over the years, astrologers have developed numerous schools of thought about the most appropriate ayanamsa to use in calculating positions in sidereal astrology. In my astrology consultation sessions, which are heavily integrated with sidereal astrology data, I use what is known as the “Fagen-Allen” ayanamsa. To date, I have found this system to be consistently useful in my astrology work.

The use of sidereal and tropical astrological systems together in an astrology consultation session allows a full spectrum of internal and external information to be accessed and interpreted. Employing both systems in my sessions provides me with the most diverse and accurate astrological data possible when addressing a client’s needs.

Copyright © 2020 Dan L Brock, All rights reserved.

Planetary Alignment

The New Year Starts with a BANG: Saturn and Pluto in exact conjunction

It’s finally here; the conjunction that will reshape our world at every level, personally and globally. On January 12, 2020, in the early hours of the morning, about 3AM PDT, the outer planets Saturn and Pluto will be approaching each other within one arc minute (that’s 1/60th of a degree) of an exact conjunction. They’ll be standing almost precisely side by side at 22º Capricorn in the Tropical zodiacal band. Like a couple dancing in close embrace, Saturn and Pluto will become one in the heavens, a single powerful entity ushering in change. But, this dance is one of great transformation!

If we maintain a +/- six-degree orb to define a conjunction, in the months after this January 12, 2020 event, Saturn and Pluto will remain mostly conjunct throughout the year. Even as both peddle backwards from Earth’s perspective, moving in and out of retrograde status, the majority of that time they will remain conjunct. 2020 will bring a powerfully combined pattern of awareness of both of these outer planets, the conjunction last occurring in November of 1982 in Libra. Astrologically speaking, there is no doubt about of the importance of this event.

As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is and has been for the past two years in a very powerful position as it transits the sign of Capricorn. In March of this year, it temporarily exists into Aquarius where it sits until July 1, moving retrograde back into Capricorn and conjunct again with Pluto. On a global level, this is our signal about what’s coming during this period; a reexamination of established institutions and organizations, such as governments, with consideration for how those establishments are being of benefit to the populace. Given the conservative or restrictive overlay Saturn can bring, we could see badly needed changes manifest in democracy, capitalism, free markets and our monetary systems that will bring a new level of responsibility to society. Regardless of what Saturn in Capricorn foretells, with Pluto in conjunction, it’s in the sky, heads may roll during this time.

These same patterns play out in us as well as in the world. What responsibility do we have to uphold a tradition in ourselves that fails to work and be of aid others? Operating as the project manager for the soul, Saturn reminds us that we must learn to pay attention to our responsibilities and define our boundaries for all behavior. It brings the burning question “are you committed to doing the right thing”, which in a transit should be asked of both yourself, looking to the affected areas of your chart (that’s near 22º Capricorn), and the societal institutions that surround you.

Physically, Saturn is around 50 times bigger (in diameter) than Pluto, yet we can think of Pluto as almost an equal player influencing our reality in the human theatre of change. Arriving on the world scene officially in 1930, Pluto, brings to us the higher consciousness inherent in the modern age. As the designated planetary ruler of Scorpio, it incorporates a sensitive insight vital to initiating the transformation process, its presence typically being intolerant of insincerity. Combine this quality with a sudden or blunt action, precipitated by the unavoidable frank power of that insight, and we shouldn’t be surprised at the sudden change Pluto can manifest.

Pluto’s distance from the sun and our knowledge of its presence (we can’t actually see it), symbolizes the mystery of both the planet and its process. Pluto’s illusiveness, harboring denizens of the underworld, can be secretive, seeming almost deceptive as to its role in transforming our lives. Yet, this quality is in reality an misconception as to the message or content Pluto is trying to reveal to us, seeming mysterious in its work. If you keep committed to promoting higher consciousness in all your acts, you won’t miss the mark with embracing Pluto’s influence. It can and will empower your inner self.

Representing numbers in the millions and as ruler of the 8th house, the first house of relating to others, Pluto brings to us events of the globe. Look at where the Pluto transit is occurring in a natal chart and we’ll see in us a reflection of what’s going on globally in society and how you feel about it. What role is transiting Pluto playing out in your life; are you impacting global events, feeling the change externally, or are the global events transforming you internally, personally? Like a part of God trapped in his own creation, there’s a pressure to act out, to alter that which is failing to measure up. As Pluto is pummeling a transformative path into our new future, when we don’t acknowledge its presence, our reaction to its alterations, internal or external, can be especially strong. For some, the shock at occurrence of certain global events can be felt at a very personal level, almost like a wound mysteriously acquired. Yet, the more we anticipate those events, by willingly raising our own consciousness, the less surprised or disruptive Pluto’s actions seem.

If you want to know where you feel it the most, look at how Pluto is aspected in your chart. What’s its relation to your natal planets and house cusps; is it conjunct, square, in opposition, sextile, or trine? Each hit from an aspect tells us where, in what part of our lives, we might feel the rumble of Pluto and simultaneously the oversight from Saturn during this period. If we don’t look ahead and do the work to change that which does not serve us well, in the Saturn-Pluto conjunct transit we may find an unavoidable presence, forcing an issue. When faced with change, keep thinking high vibration, not low. Avoid a low vibrational response, which could range from “Oh no!” to “I told you so!”

Let’s look beyond this conjunction in late Capricorn to see where things are going. Saturn’s next transiting sign this year will be Aquarius where the pattern there will become a watchful eye to commitments that support the many over the few or one, a genuine global outlook. Pluto, transiting very slowly, follows suit by moving into Aquarius in March 2023.  Saturn transits about a sign every three years, giving it more time and a better chance to affect that which requires alteration.

In this placement of Saturn in late Capricorn conjunct the power of Pluto, now is the time we may be forced, if we don’t act willingly, to make the changes that in the coming years will manifest as devotions to benefit others, the masses. During this period, it’s my hope that a stern resolve will manifest to realize badly needed modifications in our lives. At this time, will the world also create the stepping stones down that critical path of transformation ahead of us?

Copyright © 2020 Dan L Brock, All rights reserved.