Other Services

What other services do I offer?

In addition to Astrology-Life Consultation sessions, I have a spectrum of additional energetic skills available to assist you. This includes, but is not limited to, Spiritual Advocacy, Dowsing, and Space Clearing. What do these mean?

Spiritual Advocacy

Anything is possible in the non-physical. However, the various layers obscuring a greater understanding of the nature of our reality and the non-physical, often result from programs that become embedded in our subconscious. These programs, blockages or influences can originate from many sources: family, culture, society, religion, science, government, etc.

In some instances, influences can originate from non-physical sources, emanating from different dimensions of reality far beyond the ordinary 3D physical world we live in. In those instances, individual perceptions and reactions to our environment can become noticeably altered, even distorted.

Tuvan Shaman, 1900s. Russian Empire

Traditionally, a native tribe would have depended on a shaman’s abilities to deal with such issues. The shaman would act on behalf of an individual to address non-beneficial energetic mischief emanating from the spirit world. Entering a “shamanic state of consciousness”, the shaman would employ whatever spiritual tools necessary to deal with the affliction.

In a similar role to a shaman, I act as your personal Spiritual Advocate in the non-physical. My job is to be diligent in defining whatever spiritual challenges you may be encountering and address them appropriately. The objective is a supportive, peaceful resolution to your non-beneficial spiritual situation.

Not only can the extent of spiritual influences vary considerably, everybody seems to have different impressions and beliefs about what’s going on in the non-physical universe. I would encourage you to communicate with me directly regarding the details of your story. Together, we can gain a better understanding of how to address your concerns. 


Dowsing is an ancient energetic system of divination that connects us with a vast invisible field of information. It is a tool capable of providing answers to almost any question, assisting us in whatever we want to accomplish. As an experienced dowser, I have access to the infinite field of universal information that coexists with our own physical 3D reality.

I never go anywhere without a pendulum. On a daily basis, I utilize the tools of dowsing to get answers to my questions. I dowse for myself and others to answer questions, find lost objects, prioritize information and choicies, or locate pipes and water wells.

Dowsing is a universal tool that can be used to address your needs. Since each dowsing challenge is unique, please contact me directly and provide information regarding your specific situation. One thing to remember: getting questions worded correctly is critical to obtaining accurate dowsing answers.

Space Clearing

Many folks seem to intuitively sense or know whether the energy or vibration of a space feels good or not. Sometimes, the space just seems wrong somehow. Energetic challenges can be experienced in any space, room, or spot in your home, office, building, neighborhood, property, land, or any location, local or remote.

I can help address energetic issues in a space by clearing out non-beneficial energy. Working to transmute those negative feelings you have into a sense of well being and peacefulness about the space, my clients can literally feel the difference after my work.

Sometimes space clearing work is straight forward and can be done remotely, and sometimes it’s quite complicated and solutions are best done locally. I am here to work with you to create the most energetically supportive and beneficial space possible for you and your loved ones.

Again, since each situation involving space clearing is unique, I would ask that you please communicate with me, providing whatever details you can regarding your particular circumstances.


The uniqueness of each situation and the extent of your request means that my rates do vary for the above services. Following our discussion about your specific needs, I am most happy to provide you with a quote for any of my services.

Seeking My Assistance

If you are ready for assistance or have any questions about any of my services, please email me directly at dan@dlbrock.com and I will reply as soon as I can.

NOTE: I would like to assure you that any personal information you provide will be maintained STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL at all times. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, I will only share a client’s personal information with that client.

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