A mission of transformation, healing, and growth comes from diligence in synthesizing new, active abilities out of our knowledge and experiences. Incarnated on Earth in human form from the greater cosmos, I am blessed with the ability to operate effectively in both physical and non-physical reality. This has given me a important advantage in my Earthly mission. Keeping my focus on these principles, my god given abilities have aided me in successfully healing myself and helping others do the same. In this way, I believe I’m fulfilling my cosmic karmic duties on Earth by aiding the human community through a life of service.

On the road to healing, I’ve discovered paths revealing the true nature of reality and how we fit into the universe of consciousness. As part of this journey, I’ve developed a well rounded understanding of how the ordinary physical realm works,  helping me to figure out how many of the puzzle pieces fit together.

I’ve always been a critical thinker. Formally educated in Mechanical Engineering, resulting in a B.S. degree and a 10-year career as both a Nuclear and Environmental Engineer, I was able to learn much about 3D reality. Driven by attractions to higher education, media, and technology, I left behind engineering and found myself in Hollywood, various university arts programs, including film schools, and have been a software developer in my own company (producing software used on the film Avatar in 2009).

Today, fully embracing my psychic capabilities and sensitivities, I live diversely in a conventional life while continuing to explore and push the boundaries of what is considered normal. Frequently, I find myself on amazing journeys of spirit, engaged in fantastic non-physical interactions, expanding my knowledge, which becomes an integral part of the wisdom I strive to share with the world. Healing and growth for all comes from these adventures!

The Four Elements and Twelve Astrological Signs

With great appreciation, I see how astrology operates synchronistically with other modalities of transformation and healing. It has become my go-to tool of choice when helping people who wish to rediscover their mission and purpose in life on Earth. I consider it an honor bestowed upon me to use my talents supportively, be it Astrology Consulting (Cosmic or Earth Life), Spiritual Advocacy, Dowsing, Space Clearing, or other skills I can apply to a situation.

It is my desire to help you. Should you wish my assistance, then we are collectively on a beneficial path together.

If you wish to contact me, please email me directly at dan@dlbrock.com and I will reply as soon as as possible.

NOTE: I would like to assure you that any personal information you provide will be maintained STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL at all times. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, I will only share a client’s personal information with that client.

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