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Basic Methods for Connecting with the Non-Physical, Part 1

The universe, beautiful and vast beyond our limited comprehension, has placed us squarely in a physical reality that is just as sublime. Over the past 200 years, the massive growth in the discoveries of science, inundating our minds with information, has brought to all of humanity a new state of consciousness. For many, the dominant consensus reality is one where the mysteries of life are actually reaffirmed. It’s become hard to conceive that anyone, faced with the overwhelming presence of verifiable evidence, could possibly deny that we live within the context of a larger multidimensional reality that is not fully understood. The intuitive truth of this statement would seem to be self-evident as intuition should not be easily overruled. It’s a concept supported by the universal conclusions of almost all scientific investigation; the more we come to know, the more we realize what we don’t know. Apparently, the mystery of life will continue to thrive.

By incorporating the inherent mystery of existence with scientific knowledge, it would seem we should be aware of and act on much more than we do. Human population increase has produced substantial evidence that planet Earth, its life matrix being quite fragile, is susceptible to our presence. Why shouldn’t we always act responsibly, respecting the Earth that sustains us and all life? Also, if we acknowledge that we live in a larger reality that includes a universe teaming with life, why shouldn’t we be able to connect and communicate with other beings in that universe?

Of course, these concepts are not anything new. With very few exceptions, native people have been trying for a long time to get the rest of the world to adopt this universal wisdom. Their devotions unwavering, we have all been blessed by The Great Creator spirit “touching” the world through those native peoples. The paramount importance of embracing the presence of spirit, which is everywhere and in everything, is a vital concept native cultures have emphasized. Having an energized link to spirit is essential in opening up channels of communication with the multitude of beings in the cosmos. Remembering that you are always standing in the light of spirit is at the core of your life mission. Creating an active, vibrant non-physical connection to other beings throughout the universe is simply a consequence of this state of being.

What follows are examples of a few of my own methods used to connect with spirit and subsequently to other beings in the non-physical universe. Please consider that you can utilize whatever techniques that work for you, reshaping my methods using your own ideas, achieving the same goal by forging a unique path. Regardless of what methods you use to connect, consider that you should conduct all non-physical activities with the greatest level of respect and responsibility for yourself and all other life forms, human or not. Near the end of this article, you will find a list of principles for guiding responsible behavior in the non-physical. It is highly advised that you read through this entire article, including this list, before attempting any techniques presented.

Sometimes, I venture into the non-physical to gather information for others, ask questions, seek answers, examine past lives, etc. Other times, I’m working to heal or support health, investigating the spiritual information related to a biological condition. Regardless of the nature of a mission, identifying the underlying non-physical source of a physical situation is exceptionally valuable. Prior to initiating an excursion into the non-physical, I like to begin by defining my mission, establishing at least one planned objective. With a defined purpose, initiating contact will reveal new information that leads to improvised changes in the plan. This is where setting the best initial or startup conditions for your non-physical adventure are important.

[NOTE: Research has shown a correlation between the overhead presence of the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the accuracy of Remote Viewing (RV) sessions. Simply put, when the center of the Milky Way is overhead, the RV information gathered about a target is statistically more accurate. As RV is a related form of non-physical out of body work, I’ve taken heed of this information (provided to me by a research assistant to the original SRI RV team) and found it to be most useful. Since the center of the Milky Way galaxy sits at approximately 25º Sagittarius, you might have that Tropical Zodiac position overhead somewhere during your work (i.e. anywhere in the sky above you).]

The objective is reaching a “Working Meditative State” with the body and consciousness; remain somewhat alert to our physical surroundings, knowing what’s going on in the environment, but allow our waking conscious awareness to greatly subside. It’s critical to understand that the more relaxed our bodies are, the more capable we become of projecting our consciousness (with intent) outward into the universe. All “out of body” methods involve some form of projecting conscious awareness outside of the physical body, partially leaving behind physical reality for the non-physical. From your personal experience or beliefs systems, anything that helps you securely and safely develop altered state of consciousness is likely good to pursue.

Conducting a session at night time can be best as distractions are minimized, but working during the daylight is certainly viable, especially with greater experience. Prior to starting a session, be sure to go to the bathroom and/or drink some water (especially if your thirsty), but avoiding food intake is a good idea. Sometimes I start lying in a bed on my back, a pillow under my knees, or I’m sitting comfortably on a couch, wearing sun shades if there are any distracting lights in the room.

Begin by relaxing the body. Eyes closed, focus on deep breathing to help release physical reality and awareness; breathe in through the nose, pausing briefly, and out though the mouth with perched lips, creating some resistance to outward breath. The objective ratio is 5:2:7, or count to 5 breathing in through the nose, rest for 2, breathe out through the mouth for 7, then rest for 2 before starting again. In three to four deep breath cycles, you can shift the mind away from the physical, allowing any conscious thoughts to subside and freeing yourself from the cerebral mind’s chatter. If the monkey mind babble pops in, with eyes still closed, look ahead of you into an empty, quite space, focusing on the darkness, continuing the deep breathing through a few more cycles. Let your thoughts subside until you are in a quite mental state.

Now, and eventually with some automatic movement, raise your hands in front of your face with the thumbs and index fingers touching each other to create a triangle shaped box. While continuing the rhythmic breathing pattern, on your exhale, blow through the center of the triangle made with both fingers and hands. Visualize producing a ring of air, like a doughnut shaped smoke ring, slowly billowing into space. In three separate cycles, blow through the triangle, each time visualizing air rings expanding in a line above or in front of you. Imagine above you these three rings of air floating above you. The next part is fun.

Using a technique employed by many in Astral Projection, visualize your consciousness loosening its attachment to the physical body, allowing the lightness of your awareness to gently rise above your position. Now, looking with your minds eye into the three concentric air rings above you, start with the head first, gently “peel away” your awareness from the psychical body. Your astral body is now rising up and away, heading into the three concentric air rings you created. Remember, you can visualize your astral body as resembling your human form, and it can be any shape or size, large or small. It’s important to realize with the astral body and awareness ALSO goes your “mind’s eye” perspective. With this quality, you will be able to see into the other planes or dimensions of existence.

As you rise up and the astral body passes through the three air rings, each ring will represent transitional layers that progressively separate you from physical reality. Think of them like bubble rings your astral body must pass through, each pliable bubble membrane acting as a portal to higher levels of the non-physical. The last ring (the first one you created) exits into a higher dimension of non-physical space. It’s here that we “pop out” into a target other dimensional realm, viewing/moving/existing uniquely as a sovereign being. It’s now possible to venture to any location in the universe by “traveling” there with your Astral Body.

From this point, it’s like we’ve started the car, backed out of the driveway, put it in gear, and are ready to press on the gas pedal to begin our journey to other places. What comes next is quite diverse and absolutely different for everybody. In the next article, I’ll discuss some of my personal non-physical experiences to give you a better idea of what’s possible in the other dimensions. For now, let’s consider some important principles that can be useful in guiding us through all interactions and work we perform in the non-physical.

Your abilities in an astral form are determined by your capacity to imagine what is possible, which is almost limitless. However, in the spirit realms, a fairly good argument can be made that through your actions in the non-physical you represent not only yourself, but ALL OF US. With this guiding principle in mind, it would be advisable to maintaining a consistently HIGH MORAL-ETHICAL-SPIRITUAL STANDARD in all interactions. Here are a few guiding principles to consider:

  1. Let love be your guide and consider your spiritual radiance as an inspiration to all beings, human and non-human. Do no harm.
  2. Treat others as you would wish to be treated, with the same amount of respect and consideration you desire.
  3. Transformation is always preferred over confrontation. Seek a higher consciousness solution to a challenge that reflects spiritual wisdom.
  4. The universe can provide almost all the information you seek. Identifying value, validity or truth is possible by simply accessing the feelings of your inner being or soul. Utilize critical thinking initiated by the intuition radiating from your higher self.
  5. To get assistance, you must ask for it. Your guides and other beings generally operate on this principle. Yet, you should question an unsolicited offer of assistance from any being.
  6. There are many non-physical entities who are willing to help you, and a few who can deceive. In all your interactions, engage fully your mechanisms of discernment.
  7. You ALWAYS have the right and duty to protect and defend yourself in the non-physical. But, be warned, what comes to you can be a consequence of what you project or what you need most to learn.

In the astral state, you might consider that each spiritual choice you make has a consequence. Yet, every situation can be an opportunity to learn, which is the greatest gift of source. The evolution of information resulting from choices we make could become beneficial or challenging to a mission, but if you keep asking questions (especially of your guides) the universe can reveal a viable solution.

Also, your choices are tied to your understanding of “what you are” and “what you can do” in the non-physical. Consider that whatever you take with you as a known pattern or way of doing things in the PHYSICAL might involve limitations in the NON-PHYSICAL. For instance, if you visualize or conceive yourself as having the abilities of a known comic book character, such as Spiderman, then you could likely have all the powers, but also the limitations, of that superhero. Alteration of abilities is of course possible, but wording of your intentions must be done wisely. You can think of yourself in almost any form, but in all your actions, be mindfully responsible to yourself and all the other beings you encounter out there in the universe.

Your own personal experiences are intimately linked to those of others. We are all the same underneath and incarnate on Earth with a mission to grow spiritually together through our physical life experiences. The ultimate objective of humanity must be to support the expansion of consciousness in the universe. In all our endeavors, astrology is a valuable tool that can help us to understand the parts of physical life existing in close relationship to the non-physical which might otherwise remain veiled in obscurity.

My name is Dan Brock and I’m here to help you. Astrology is one of the tools I employ. If you are looking for answers to questions, please seek me out. I’ll help you in any way I can on your journey to the solutions you desire.

By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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