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Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – What To Do During An Eclipse?

This Friday, November 19, 2021 in the early morning hours just after 1AM PDT, we will see overhead in North America a Partial Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Taurus. Being very close in appearance to a Total Lunar Eclipse, this will be an exceedingly valuable time for each of us.

During a lunar eclipse the Earth is sitting in front of the Sun blocking the light normally shown us by a Full Moon. The Sun, Earth and Moon are all aligned in a row with the Earth turning off the Sun’s light and casting its shadow over the Moon. Although the duration of an eclipse varies, astrologically speaking it is a significant event. It provides unfettered access to the deep inner chasms of emotional experiences embedded within our souls. You can access source information about what is affecting your emotional body as a result of life experiences. For example, adults can open up more easily to thoughts or emotional patterns originating in early childhood, events in your developmental story critical to defining who you are today. During any eclipse, your objective is to finally grab and cast out that disruptive emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around with you your whole life. Your soul will thank you.

Since this Partial Lunar Eclipse is a very important event, let’s begin our discussion with a few lunar eclipse facts. Below is a diagram from a NASA website showing the Moon’s movement during this unique partial lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses can be called either Penumbral, Partial or Total. On the diagram, the Earth’s Penumbra and Umbra areas are illustrated as light grey and red respectively. What makes this a Partial Lunar Eclipse is that the Moon will pass primarily across the Penumbra, ultimately going over only part of the Umbra, the Earth’s total shadow area. In the close-up diagram below, notice that when the Moon (orange) passes over the Umbra (red) there remains a small light grey area at the bottom of the Moon that’s still in the Penumbra. This means this lunar eclipses’ greatest point includes a small slice of the Penumbra and it is technically considered a Partial Lunar Eclipse, but it’s almost total.

Covering many years, all solar and lunar eclipses are grouped together into larger regular cycles called a Soros. A group of related eclipses all have the same Soros number. For example, the November 19, 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse is the 46th of the 72 lunar eclipses in Soros 126, spanning 1244 years from 1228 CE to 2472 CE. Is this information useful to us? For this eclipse, YES!

It turns out that this is the longest of all partial lunar eclipse in Soros 126 and it will also be the longest partial lunar eclipse in the 21st century. For Soros cycle 126, this means it’s a peak of energy that’s most noteworthy among the other partial lunar eclipses in that Soros. It has a  “standing out” kind of quality that is key to understanding its astrological significance. Next, to better examine the importance of this event, let’s examine the role of the Moon in astrology.

From a symbolic standpoint, the Moon signifies our emotional self. We live out an experience of feelings through our Moon. Its sign, position, house placement, and phase are critical components of our emotional terrain. The Moon is also loaded with our prehistory, what we came into this life with from the past, but it’s a means of understanding the function of all of our other lives too; past/present/future. The water sign of Cancer is the ruler of the Moon and the 4th house, the natural location of the Moon. The 4th house is at the very bottom of an astrology chart and its initial cusp symbolically represents the starting point of your lifetime vector. This vector begins outside the chart in a space before you were born, and moves along an axis that extends through the 4th house, passing over the chart middle, and exiting via the 10th house cusp at the chart top (ruled by the opposite sign of Capricorn).

It’s not a coincidence that this November 19, 2021 partial lunar eclipse is in the sign of Taurus peaking at 26º Taurus tropical. The archetypes of Taurus, the planet Venus and the Earth element all vibrate strongly, opening up the corresponding areas of your chart. In your chart, examine what you have at or near 26º Taurus Tropical. That area will become lit up like a Christmas Tree empowering access to underlying information. You can get directly to what’s at the core of your being. This makes it easier to access and grasp what could be eating at you, the hidden stuff you maybe didn’t even know about.

Taurus emphasis can be on your physical experience, personal feelings of comfort, sense of self-worth or value, as well as your physical, monetary or material worth/wealth. Taurus also includes a quality to actions that some indicate an inertia or stubbornness to change, but perhaps we can consider the actions to be infused with stamina, lasting a long time to a solid completion.

What to do during an eclipse?

Here’s an emotional issue clearing technique I use during an eclipse, solar or lunar:

  1. In your astrology chart, go to the sign and degree of the transiting eclipse (in this case, 26º Taurus tropical) and note the affected house and nearby planets (a 6º orb is viable). Remember, if it’s a solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction resembling a New Moon and during a lunar eclipse the Moon and Sun are seen in opposition, like a Full Moon. The placement of the eclipse in your chart will tell you where its energy is strongest. The house placement relates to the area of life impacted while influenced planets reveal their emotional functions. Astrological aspects made to the eclipse, such as squares, trines and sextiles, can also be significant. Consider that during the eclipse, your past/present/future lives may radiate a signature, open you up to life events that need your attention and intention for transformation to occur.
  2. An eclipse is an opportunity to delve deep into specific parts of the self you might ordinarily not recall or even remember exists. “Oh, yeah. I have not thought in a long time about that event that happened to me when I was seven years old.” That’s the kind of stuff you are looking for; a past moment in time when your experience placed a program in your subconscious which altered your behavior. The objective was to protect you from external forces, actions or people.
  3. To better access the eclipse, bring your consciousness into a working meditative state. Considering the placement of the eclipse in your astrological chart, write down your concerns. Make special note of any correlations between inner emotional patterns and the location in your chart where the lunar eclipse occurs. Writing records your impressions and creates a document that becomes a working reference for your transformation.
  4. During the eclipse, consciously reach out and grab that emotional event (a physical act works!) and dispose of it, perhaps visualize casting it into a cleansing purple flame. This physical act is not only a critical symbol of your intention, it often physically feels great, maybe sending a tingling sensation down your spine or giving you goose bumps…that means it WORKED! You can also look in a mirror and see your body’s transformation.

During this eclipse, you’ll be able to more easily access the information needed to go forward in your Earthly objective. It’s a time to effectively manage inner emotional patterns that no longer serve us, identifying our experiences or traumas that can be corrected and cleared out. You’ll be able to renew existing energies and bring in new ones from the infinite field of possibility.

Lastly, the influence of all eclipses is known to begin six months before and continue for six months, or up to a year, after they occur. Birth eclipses, those appearing near your birth date, are surprisingly powerful and should be explored more closely. Regardless of their qualities, eclipses explored through a personalized astrology reading always expand the understanding of your life mission.

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By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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