Another Lunar Eclipse and More!

We’ve had quite an astrological show this year! To top it all off, recently we’ve had three eclipses back-to-back, lunar/solar/lunar (the dates below are for North America):

Friday, June 5, 2020, a penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (opposite Gemini)

Saturday, June 20, 2020, an annular solar eclipse in Cancer (opposite Capricorn)

Saturday, July 4, 2020, a penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn (opposite Cancer)

The penumbral lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday July 4, 2020, is somewhat visible over parts of North America at night, peaking at 9:31 PM Tucson, AZ time. You might note that the alignment between the Sun and Moon means the full moon is actually occurring slightly later at 9:45 PM. We should consider that this lunar eclipse is most prominent over South America, peaking somewhere over Chile. With the entire globe still griped in a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implied connection of this eclipse to South America begs us to consider what coming role will countries there play in the coming months in the continued unfolding of the pandemic story? This trinity of eclipses could leave us to expect the emergence from this region of the world a significant, impactful message pertaining to the pandemic. What will be the content and form of this communication be? For now, let’s consider a few astrological factors.

Here’s a diagram from NASA showing the patterns associated with the penumbral lunar eclipse.

Recall that in astrology the Moon, ruled by Cancer, represents our emotional self and how we express those emotions, especially in the area of life associated with the house placement of the Moon in our natal chart. For this lunar eclipse, look at your birth chart and clearly identify what you have at 13º Capricorn. It will be at that tropical zodiac location (+/- 6º, within the Moon’s orb of influence) where the eclipsed Moon will exert its greatest leverage, revealing inner feelings about our natal Capricorn energies. Since this eclipse is occurring in Capricorn, which is exactly the sign where access to emotions can be most limited (Capricorn is opposite the emotional sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon), we should use this time to get at our inner feelings surrounding our Capricorn energies. It’s a chance to ask yourself, how do I feel about these (Capricorn) conditions in my life?

Capricorn is associated with time honored traditions, some level of conformity or restriction, organizational structures to which we maintain an allegiance, and it’s also our working life or the ability to act responsibility in the external world. The sign of Capricorn is at the top of a natural astrology chart (associated with the 10th House and Saturn), opening us up to outward possibilities for action, typically with a focus on work, career, or what we do in the outside world. It responds to what we strive to accomplish in our commitments and the results or success we achieve over time. Regardless of what house it resides in, beneficial outcomes in these arenas of life are critical to generating a sense of well being in Capricorn. Since the energy of an eclipse can be felt for many months afterwards or before the event, keep these Capricorn qualities in mind whenever you engage the energy of this lunar eclipse in coming times.

Mercury is retrograde (at 7º Cancer) during this eclipse and it’s in a position opposite the eclipsed/full Moon in Capricorn (at 13º). This presents us with a number of factors to consider. First, Mercury rules Gemini (recall the June 5 lunar eclipse was in Sagittarius, on the axis opposite Gemini) and its qualities include importance of communication, intellectual thoughts, and expressing knowledge or ideas. Since it’s sitting in Cancer, we can ask how should we best share that information with others, perhaps in a more personal space where we are able to be nurturing. But, Mercury is retrograde. The retrograde status slows down the quick action of Mercury (it orbits the Sun about every 88 days), while it also seems to bring down through an axial path some opposing, restrictive energy from Capricorn. This has the net effect of making the slower retrograde motion of Mercury behave more like it’s actually in Capricorn, which is where the lunar eclipse occurs in opposition to Mercury. What is the net astrological meaning of this situation?

During this lunar eclipse, we should ask ourselves how certain do we feel that we are able to share information correctly, being confident we are nurturing others while maintaining a responsible approach to the entire process. If we don’t ask this question in a conscious way, acting directly on the knowledge presented us, the power of the eclipse may produce a response anyway without our direct awareness. Astrologically, sometimes if you ignore an event like an eclipse, you behavior towards others, activities and experiences in life can undergo a sudden change that seems unexplainable. This is how the universe (and astrology) works…it gets our attention even when we are consciously tuned out.

What is this transiting Mercury retrograde passing over in your chart? It’s there, in the associated house, were this astrological pattern would play out most prominently in your life.

Now, let’s briefly consider the numerology of this “Trinity” of eclipses. Their number is three and this does represent a trinity of energy being expressed, linking them naturally together though a archetypal pattern based in a common lunar identity and influential roles. It’s a natural, divine expression of the “Trine” energy we find associated with astrological aspects. More generally, it supports the concept that the sum of energy of the parts is less than the power of the whole.

From a cultural or historical perspective, this eclipse trinity can be symbolize by that of a male/father (Sagittarius) and female/mother (Cancer) combining, and in their union bringing forth the forces of creation that manifest in the outer world (Capricorn) as a child. A Cancer Mercury in opposition during the eclipse in Capricorn, may represent the birthing or presence of youthful energy that motivates communication of ideas. With further investigation, the range of symbolic interpretations of this eclipse trinity, sourced from a diversity of cultures/mythology/religions/beliefs, would only further substantiate the significance of the events being considered in combination. Again, the power of the parts is less than the power of the whole.

We have argued how these three eclipses, taken together as a sequential trio, means more to us individually and collectively than they would as only a pair or separately. Perhaps the final eclipse, occurring in opposition to a retrograde Mercury, provides us direct clues as to the nature of the trio’s energy. Now, rephrasing and amending the previous observation about Mercury retrograde; at this time we MUST share information clearly with the mission of it being truthful and nurturing of others, and in this process we must be committed to accomplishing this outer world task in a most responsible manner.

Lastly, after the lunar eclipse in July 2020 which is the last of this trinity, the Moon naturally continues in its orbit around the Earth moving “backward” in the zodiacal band or ecliptic plane. This is opposite to the movement of the other planets orbiting the Sun. It’s no small consideration that within mere hours of the July 2020 lunar eclipse, the Moon moves into conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, all also in Capricorn. Collectively, they briefly create a “stellium” of four conjunct planets. That’s like the Moon opening a door and walking into a boardroom meeting already in progress going on between a powerful conjunct TRIO of outer planets; Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. It’s not hard to guess that the Moon, flush with energy and fresh off the heals of its own trinity of eclipses, may be contributing significantly to that meeting. The unfolding of future events on Earth may be impacted. Keep an eye out.

The astrological influences of all eclipses are considerable. Those eclipses that occur in and around your birth time may be especially impactful on your Earthly life mission. Eclipse awareness extends to prenatal eclipses near your time of conception, which in turn relate to other eclipses in your life that are part of the same Saros group (for details on what is a “Saros”, see the previous June 2020 article Lunar Eclipse!). Exploring eclipses can be critical. Their influence on your astrological life patterns, Earthly endeavors, and cosmic objectives is unquestionable.

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By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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