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The Astrology Dramas of 2020 Continue!

As the year of 2020 ends, the astrological conditions in the sky continue to remain powerful heralds of change. There’s so much going on, I wanted to provide this special article to discuss the situation so we’d have some awareness of the events and their potentials. Here’s what’s up:

Today, November 11, Mars, AKA “the planet of war”, is moving retrograde in Aries, the Fire sign native for Mars. During retrograde transiting planet motion, the energy and influence of that planet is slowed down for us to understand better, lessened a little bit, so we take clear notice of its patterns. Retrogrades can act along the sign axis of the planet, embracing energy of the opposite sign, which in this case is Libra. That means there’s something very “Libra like” in Mars retrograde right now, wanting us to consider balance, harmony and relationship with the physical world, existing within the flowing mutable Air element of Libra. As Mars goes direct or starts moving forward in Aries on Friday, November 13, when we will begin to experience an energy shift. Mars will become more powerful and expressive again, with more strength and confidence, the Aries signature of a Fire element. The ground will firm up and we can all start moving forward again.

We should consider that at this same time Chiron is in Aries and also retrograde, which remains such until mid-December. This is indicating the importance of looking at the mass wound we all carry as a society. This condition must be healed and because it relates to all of us and our sense of peace (remember Chiron is more “Libra like” in this retrograde). We must restore our collective health to be able to move forward with helping out each other, repairing and restoring vibrancy to our world. How can the masses be supportive if we are all still harboring a challenge from the past that encumbers our abilities? While Mars starts moving forward again, bringing the energy to change and alter physicality, Chiron continues to move retrograde, diverting our attention to conditions that need to be fixed. The two astrological planets are working together in this mission.

This change in the motion of Mars is immediately flowed by a New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, November 14 at 10:08PM MST. A Scorpio New Moon is penetrating to our core, providing us an opportunity to setup the psychic conditions that will manifest our intentions. What we feel in this time is there to motivate us to create the non-physical structures, perhaps through a visualization process, that will create in the physical, outside world what we seek. This time comes with an awareness of the need for transformation in this creative process. We can hear the universe speak through Scorpio, revealing an underworld perspective that implies methods of achieving an objective that may be out of the ordinary. Act on these impulses and you won’t’ miss out on the energy of Scorpio available to us at this time.

So, looking at all these astrological factors, my estimate would be that we are ripe for mega change at this time, which could emerge in the coming week or weeks ahead. The question is will it be like striking a match at night to light the fuse on a bomb, or a growing flame we can all gather around that brings a warmth which pushes back the cold. I’d be checking the news to see what goes down. Really, there’s so much going on astrologically, it could be hard to keep tabs on how things unfold. Recently, when I looked at transits in my husband’s chart, there were 13 different planets and points that are all in conjunction with his natal positions, explaining a lot of turmoil currently manifesting in his (and our) life. It’s a time when, individually and/or collectively, we simply cannot avoid the universal powers of change. For some who don’t do their homework fixing stuff, it’ll feel less like getting thrown under the bus and more like a head on collision…both are painful.

Things don’t really smooth out until the middle of next year, so even the 2020 Holidays or Christmas period may be a roller coaster ride (yet, the uplifting Christmas/Christian paradigm of helping others may potentially shine through). This December we will be in what many astrologers refer to as “The Great Conjunction” between Jupiter and Saturn, which runs from about December 15 through the 23rd, bridging across the signs of Capricorn and into Aquarius. This time is SIGNIFICANT as the two planets will remain in an EXACT conjunction, both locked into a critical degree relationship (29º or 0º of a sign) as they cross the sign boundary, moving forward from Capricorn into Aquarius. What we may experience is that this will resemble saying, “We completely understand why things are the way they are, but now our effort MUST BE focused on transforming structures that directly help everybody, period.” In the confluence of these two giant planets of our solar system, I want to believe the reason/rationality/structure of Saturn, out to clearly accomplish a mission, should win out in a comparison. But, Jupiter is a BIG fire sign planet and is moving into the Air sign of Aquarius. The fanning of the fires of Jupiter could produce a kind of energy “flareup” during its transition into Aquarius, giving us more than we might expect to experience.

And don’t forget all this movement coincides with the winter solstice on December 21 (1:02AM MST), the Earth season transitions from fall with increasing darkness to increasing light in winter (a Northern Hemisphere perspective). The concurrence of all these heavenly events is NOTHING LESS than astounding, but there’s still more.

On December 14, there’s a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that sweeps over Southern South America, passing over Argentina and ending in Chile. There is no doubt a link or some association with this eclipse and the impact the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 had on aspects of the U.S.A. Areas of South America could be undergoing a triggering event that leads to noticeable changes in societies within this region of the world. The potential of broad-based alteration of conditions is astrologically palpable. Conveying truth, revealing wisdom, and examining (or re-examining) belief systems should be in the mix for this solar eclipse. We might suspect changes in South America somewhat to scale with what has happened in the U.S.A. since 2017. Anyway, all eclipses have a lot of energy that flows out temporally on both sides of the event. This solar eclipse may produce a vibe that’s peeking on December 14th, but things may actually manifest later into the next year (2021), perhaps as much as 6 months later.

It’s my own perspective, but knowing that widely different belief systems are held in South America when it comes to the extraterrestrial phenomenon and non-human presence on Earth (past and present), this Solar Eclipse might open up a broader access to truth of the whole subject matter. Around the New Year time frame, I plan to start looking at news coming out of Chile and the southern part of South America indicating changes or significant updates in the ET information situation, maybe we’ll see a broader public acknowledgement of the phenomenon. This is a potential, but maybe something else even more physically dramatic will happen, like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Yikes!

By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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