Astrology Sessions

How can astrology help you?

We are powerful beings of light from the higher dimensions of the universe who have chosen to incarnate on planet Earth. As cosmic spiritual beings visiting this planet in a physical human form, we must work to fulfill our soul contracts and divine mission. On the road of life, our human experience supports the concept that we have and can exercise free will. Some people spend their entire lives trying to figure this out: what is their mission and life’s purpose, do they have free will, or is our fate predetermined? Representing over 2000+ years of observational data, western astrology peers under the veil of forgetfulness we are born with as Earth humans. Who are we really and what is our spiritual mission are foundational questions to be answered. Understanding why we made that cosmic journey to this little planet on the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy would be very helpful. To effectively access this critical information, astrology is an invaluable tool proven to have unparalleled reach into the archetypal patterns that govern our purpose and potential, especially in this physical realm on Earth.

With your astrology charts in front of us, we can expose karmic influences radiating from the past, present, or future. These stories of who we are underneath often foretell or bring to light vital qualities in us that can explain our nature, the why and how of our relationship with others. Astrology provides a means to examine the foundations of our behavior, and anticipate upcoming periods of bounty, challenge, or change, all with an analytical perspective that is uniquely beneficial.

Are you ready to contemplate what supports your self-actualization and transformation? Whatever questions you may have, from an Earth Life or Cosmic astrology perspective, a customized session with me can expand your knowledge of:

  • The archetypal patterns that shape human life and the cosmic influences that pertain to this incarnation

  • How all relationships impact our individual experience

  • Karma; how do we discover and resolve its influences, complete unfinished past or future life missions, build it beneficially

  • Conditions that support a successful career, job search, or work environment

  • Factors affecting physical health and vibrancy of the mind-body-spirit matrix, optimizing your 3D experience on Earth

  • How best to interact with those closest to you, including significant others, children, family, friends, coworkers, and all types of acquaintances

  • What world locations are most supportive of a particular endeavor or goal (Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation Astrology)

  • The timing of significant life events or what is an auspicious date for planning a ceremony (such as marriage)

  • The most supportive questions for you to ask!

What are Earth Life and Cosmic Astrology Sessions?

An Earth Life astrology session investigates your Earth-based astrological patterns and related archetypes connected with this human life. Like a traditional Western astrology session, an Earth Life session includes a detailed interpretation of your astrological data. We’ll use both Tropical and Sidereal astrology charts to gather this information. Your reading also relies on my psychic abilities to garner critical data not obtainable by any other means. As a multidimensional explorer of spirit, I will probe the expansive realms of the non-physical, journeying across the infinity of time and space to seek the most appropriate information to answer your questions. This vigorous, multifaceted approach to collecting data produces compelling information that will clarify your Earthly life mission.

Cosmic astrology sessions are designed to consider your origins on a world other than Earth, the location in the cosmos you’re soul essence is from, and how that relates to your human mission as an Earthling. How does your human form and Earthly mission relate to your galactic or cosmic genesis? This is the core question we will explore.

By combining an Earth Life session with a Cosmic astrology session, the result is a compelling Combination astrology session. In this hybrid Basic astrology session, we can more completely examine together the melding of your cosmic being and Earthly physical life.

How should I begin?

You can start exploring your astrology with me in a general inquiry, found in my Initial one-hour or introductory sessions. In an Initial session, we can build together a foundation of knowledge about your personal astrological information. An Initial session can be a traditional astrology reading as an Earth Life session, or we can focus on your universal origin in a Cosmic session.

In a Basic two-hour session (Earth Life or a Combination, Earth Life/Cosmic), we will have additional time together for a more extensive analysis of your astrological data, allowing us to delve deeply into your special areas of concern, or answer questions in even greater detail. A Basic session is a great starting place for your astrological journey.

Beyond an Initial or Basic session, you can have any number of one-hour Follow-up sessions with me you would like (up to a maximum of three hours in one session). A Single Question sessions is also available to help answer additional questions you may have following our other session(s).

Before we begin our astrological journey and to help you prepare for our consultation, there is a PDF file available to view or download that contains important pre-session information. It is conveniently accessible via this link;

Dan L Brock Astrology Consultation Sessions

Regardless of the type of astrology session you schedule, Initial (Earth Life or Cosmic), Basic (Earth Life or a Combination, Earth Life/Cosmic), Follow-up, or a Single Question, rest assured your session will be custom-shaped to meet your individual desires.

Options and Rates

To consider the range of astrology consultation sessions I offer and the cost, here are the current session options and rates:

Initial, $100 for a one-hour Earth Life or Cosmic astrology session.

Basic, $200 for a two-hour Earth Life or Combination (Earth Life and Cosmic) astrology session.

Follow-up, $100 for each one-hour additional astrology session, up to a maximum of three hours in one session.

Single Question, $25 for an astrology consultation on a single question, which is around 15 minutes duration (at least one prior one-hour Initial session is required)

Booking a Session

If you would like to book a session with me or have any questions about Earth Life or Cosmic astrology, please email me directly at and I will reply as soon as I can. I am looking forward greatly to working with you!

NOTE: I would like to assure you that any personal information you provide will be maintained STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL at all times. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, I will only share a client’s personal information with that client.

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