How can astrology help you?

We are powerful beings of light from the higher dimensions of the universe who have chosen to visit planet Earth. As spiritual beings incarnating here into a human physical form, we must work to fulfill that divine mission. On the road of life, our human experience includes major sign posts which support the concept that we have, and can exercise, free will. Some people spend their whole life trying to figure this out: what is their mission, purpose in life, and do they have free will, or is our fate predetermined? Astrology, representing over 5000 years of observational data, peers under the veil of forgetfulness we are born with and provides access to essential information we need that can guide us on our Earthly spiritual mission. It is an invaluable tool with unparalleled insight into the archetypal patterns that govern our ultimate purpose and potential in a physical lifetime.

Astrology also allows us to explore karmic influences that can radiate from the past, present, or future, foretelling qualities of our relationships as well as major life events. We can examine the foundations of behavior, anticipate upcoming periods of bounty, challenge, or change, all with an analytical perspective that is inherently beneficial.

Are you ready to contemplate what supports your self-actualization and transformation? Whatever questions you may have, a customized “Astrology-Life” session with me can expand your awareness of:

  • The archetypal patterns that shape life

  • How relationships impact our individual experience

  • Karma; how do we discover and resolve its influences, complete unfinished past or future life missions, build it

  • Conditions that support a successful career, job search, or work environment

  • Factors affecting physical health and vibrancy of the mind-body-spirit matrix, optimizing your 3D experience

  • How best to interact with those closest to you, including significant others, children, family, friends, coworkers and all types of acquaintances

  • What world locations are most supportive for a particular endeavor or goal (Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation Astrology)

  • Auspicious dates for planning a ceremony or a significant life event

  • Supportive input to whatever questions you desire to ask!

What is an Astrology-Life Session?

Each Astrology-Life session involves not only an interpretation of specific astrology data (using both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology), but it also relies on my psychic abilities to garner information not obtainable by any other means. As a multidimensional clairvoyant, I will probe the expansive realms of the non-physical, and the infinity of spirit, to seek the most appropriate information vital to answering your Astrology-Life questions as concisely as possible. This vigorous, multifaceted approach creates compelling information supporting  your session with insight into your personal life mission and growth path.

Each Astrology-Life session is completely customizable to your specified needs and desires. Sessions can range from a very general inquiry to deep analysis of a specific area of concern. There is a conveniently available Astrology-Life session PDF file you can view or download that contains important pre-session information to prepare you for our consultation.


Here are the current Astrology-Life consultation session options and rates to consider:

Initial, $250 for an initial two-hour session, or $300 for up to a maximum three-hour initial session

Follow-up, $100 for each one-hour follow-up session, up to a maximum of three hours

Single Question, $25 for a single question consultation, which are around 15 minutes duration (one prior two-hour initial session is required)

Booking a Session

To book a Astrology-Life session, please navigate down this page to near the bottom and select the appropriate Services links provided in the window (rotating your smart phone may allow you to better view this window). You will be able to view a calendar where you can explore available dates and times to schedule a session appointment that works for both of us. I will be automatically notified of your choices.

I am looking forward greatly to working with you!

If you have any questions about Astrology-Life sessions, please email me directly at and I will reply as soon as I can.

NOTE: I would like to assure you that any personal information you provide will be maintained STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL at all times. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, I will only share a client’s personal information with that client.

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