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My NDE (Near Death Experience)

Not every human who goes through a Near Death Experience (NDE) shares details of their transformation in connecting with spirit, but many people do. A multitude of accounts exist of those rare folks who “live again” after venturing into a different reality, and by our conventional understanding, have died. Unquestionably, there is a personal nature with individualize aspects to each NDE. Still, researchers have been able to submit questions to experiencers about these unique events and statistically discern qualities common to almost all NDEs.

Publishing their data has led to many academic generalizations about the nature of the NDE process while also providing a set of identifiers, a protocol, useful for categorizing information from a diversity of NDEs. Thanks to the dogged research by devoted professionals, knowledge gleamed from many years of anecdotal accounts has blessed humanity. The mainstream acknowledgement of the phenomenon has led to an understanding and, for many, validation of the non-physical “reality” of the afterlife. Finally, we can clearly declare in an NDE that there’s something significant going on and well worth more than just casual consideration. The International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc (IANDS) and its regional organizations are one of the many valuable online and in person resources of information available on this subject. Please seek them out.


It was in February or March of 1990 that I experienced what I now know as an NDE (astrologically, the event corresponded close to an almost exact alignment with my first Saturn return at 25º Capricorn, a MAJOR synchronicity I didn’t discover until almost 25 years later). At the time, I was living alone in Portsmouth, Virginia and was deeply engaged in my work as a professional civilian nuclear engineer for the US Navy in the DOD (Department of Defense). The demands of the job tacitly forced me into routine overtime work. Many weekdays, I found myself waking up before 5AM and not getting home again until after 7PM. One evening, following a particularly challenging day of overtime work, I made it home, closed the door, and felt so tired I immediately thought, I must take a nap before doing anything else. Stretching out on my comfy couch, almost immediately I fell into a deep asleep. What happened that evening during my sleeping state was nothing less than fantastic. I had no inkling of what was to transpire.

Asleep and in a dreaming state, I looked up slightly above and ahead of me at a bright white light that was opening up, like a porthole on a ship widening, approaching. There was a figure silhouetted in the light, partially blocking it, who was looking at me and moving toward me. This entire scene occurring before me represented no parallel to anything I could recall having experienced before in a dream. All the while, there was no fear or concern for my safety and I had no instinctive negative emotional reaction to the unfolding events. Intellectually, my limited understanding of the events that took place could only be categorized by me as a “dream”. Later, iI realized I was experiencing an NDE.

Oddly, I realized that I was in a dream state while still being consciously aware of what was going on. My waking consciousness seemed to remain active with my thoughts present and vivid. Physically, my eyes were closed and I was asleep, but I was “awake” and aware in the dream space. Today, we might call this an out-of-body or lucid dreaming experience, although at the time, I would have had almost no idea of what those terms or concepts were entirely about.

As the figure moved closer to me, I perceived something between us like a rail on a ship, sort of a barrier or divider, between me and this “person” I was seeing. Behind this being I saw something that seemed like movement down a hallway, human figures walking left and right, but their identity was completely indiscernible. There was a brilliant blown out white light that was making it impossible for me to determine who was passing by. The figure had stepped out of this background of traffic, approached me, and suddenly I realized clearly who it was; my father.

Dad had passed very unexpectedly from this world on February 11, 1989 at the age of 70, about a year before my NDE. His death occurred very close to a transiting Saturn crossing my natal ascendant, another significant astrological pattern it took me some 25 years to recognize. The news of his loss, so carelessly conveyed to me by my mother, still echoed in my memory. Dad and I were never close, but we still seemed to share a certain psychic link which would manifest unexpectedly in our lives. Maybe he wasn’t aware of this as he never said anything about it, but I recognized the significance of our psychic connections whenever they happened. Now, appearing to me in this NDE, Dad’s psychic signature was fully linked to me and we communicated telepathically. No words were spoken between us in this NDE, which I now see was significantly expanded from our our father-son life experience.

What did he say? Sadly, I don’t recall it clearly, but I do know that our communication was extensive, it continued for a while. As he stood silently in front of me, his thoughts continued to download into my consciousness, the interaction remaining much like a rapid conversation you can’t recall. Then, Dad began taking slow, small steps back from the rail that separated him from me, and he began to fade from my vision. In this transition, Dad faded and I felt movement, like being swept away in a current, yet I knew that physical analogy was not really accurate because it was a far subtler and gentle experience. I was dissolving away, my physical being was beginning to spread out, my form was dissipating from the pattern I had known in 3D life. There was absolutely no pain in this process. It felt warm and wonderful.

Gradually, I could sense myself expanding outwardly, all my molecules, atoms, every sub atomic particle that made up my physical being, was diffusing into the universe. My understanding of time became compressed (or expanded) and what I had understood as the past, present and future all merged into the same thing. I looked a what I had known as a linear life, moving always from A, to B, to C, etc., only to observe it melting into a single awareness of time seen from a grander, cosmic scale. It became so profoundly clear to me that my conscious human perspective was exceptionally limited. Actually, there was really no time at all, or at least I could not apply ANY of my 3D concepts of time. What was happening?

In this transformation process, there was no anxiety or vibrations of worry. Peace, contentment, and oneness of self were replacing what I had known in physical form. Now, losing my body and connecting with a larger reality, I could see simultaneously everything that ever happened to humans on Earth. In the infinity of time, backward and forward, it was all the same. All the good events had the exact same “value” as all the bad stuff that ever happened. The the joyful happy moments, every birthday celebration, a warm embrace, was exactly the same as every moment of sorrow, war, or hardship. Physically, each grain of sand in the Sahara Desert was intimately connected to every speck of dirt on the bottom of my shoe. Absolute unity experience.

You might think gaining this kind of perspective was unnerving as it flat-lined much of our waking knowledge, but my emotional responses were buffered out. More than ever before I felt the truth of who we really are and our place in reality.  There was serenity in my oneness of existence, yet I also knew this information shown to me in my NDE had always been a part of me my whole life. This was the truth behind everything I thought I knew. Everything is connected in one grand cosmic mass, and it has and always will be that way.

I was shocked that my waking cognitive ability was still engaged. I hoped to at least to retain some memory of the experience. Still, some how I knew I would not forget the profound implications of awareness. Where would I go from here? My dissolution continued and I could “feel myself” being all the individual subatomic particles in existence simultaneously. Every point in the universe, in every possible, conceivable direction absolute oneness was me and I was it; left, right, up, down, inside, out, big, small, forward and backward in time, accross every conceivable realm of infinity.

There’s a little more to my journey’s description. Having reached what could only be considered the very end of possible expansion into EVERYTHING, it felt a kind of steady-state coming over me. A profound sense of wholeness blanketed my awareness, yet I retained no need or desire for stimulation. To the best of my understanding, this was at least how I was able to interpret my state of consciousness (over 30 years ago!).

I never thought of the NDE as a “bad thing” as I was filled with a knowing that completely replaced the duality we are always subject to as Earth humans. There was no consideration of wet/dry, warm/cold, big/small, good/bad, strong/weak, malevolent/benevolent, etc. As I was settling into my new consciousness in this “final stage” of my journey, I began to slowly wake up.

Gradually, my eyes opened and I looked out ahead of me from my reclined position on the couch. Waking from that “dream” experience, I knew immediately I had unmistakably gone through what was called an NDE, but I was still ALIVE, awake, feeling good and gaining back my conscious self-awareness. Laying there quietly, reflecting on what had just happened, I could not say a word. Then, I began thinking about the experience I had just undergone. I remember I said aloud, like someone was in the room to hear it, “If that’s what death is like, why would anyone ever fear it?” I realized I had been living my WHOLE LIFE on one side of a wall, and now I was finally able to see what was on the other side.

Getting up from the couch, I began to return to my “ordinary life” and conventional 3D activities. Oh well, I was only 28 and have to forgive myself for this shortcoming. It took me many months, almost a year, for the NDE experience to sink in and catalyze the  transformation of my life. Almost a year later, the results were manifesting.

By early 1991, I had lost 50 lbs., was working out regularly and in tremendous physical condition, quit my job as a nuclear engineer (THANK GOD), came out as a gay man, moved from Virginia, and began a new life. There’s a lot more details to my “after the NDE” transformation story, some of it REALLY amazing, but those were the highlights. Incidentally, astrology clearly indicates the role my first Saturn return played in this process of life change, tuning up my soul connection and contributing to the NDE. After this event, I simply could no longer do the things I had done before.

Our lives are way more than we’ve been taught. Your own personal experiences in life are always intimately linked to others. We are all the same underneath and connected. Learning from the NDEs of others can teach us significant lessons, expanding our understanding of reality and knowledge of who we really are. Certainly, an NDE is not in everyone’s life deck, but I encourage you to explore this subject and gain a better understanding of its implications. Astrology should be considered a valuable tool to apply in this exploration. Expand your reality by challenging all BS (Belief Systems)!

My name is Dan Brock and I’m here to help you. If you are looking for answers to questions, please seek me out. I’ll help you in any way I can to get the solutions you seek.

Spiritual Advocacy

Sharing My Contact with Spirit…

On March 25, 2020, I had an astounding experience in a connection with spirit. During the previous weeks, it was becoming increasingly solidified that everything in our world was about to change. The COVID-19 pandemic was rolling across the globe and validating for many in the “awake and aware” community that the “thing” or “big event” some of us had been told would be changing our society was finally unveiled, taking shape all around us. Details of the origin of the virus and the exact intentions for this time have continued to remain elusive. All the while, I felt this time no one on the planet would escape awareness of the changes being handed directly to all of humanity. Regardless of the reasons for this pandemic, it was my uppermost desire to seek the assistance of spirit in understanding ways to be supportive during this health challenge. Fortunately, spirit shared with me something that many could energetically benefit from, including you.

During the early morning hours of March 25th, while deep in a working meditative state, I projected into the infinity of space an open question for the universe to reply; at this most critical time on Earth, what could be done to energetically assist the human transformation process? Immediately, I could feel a response brewing in the dimensions and it began to come to me in the form of rays of healing energy suddenly moving about, beaming in from all directions and planes of existence. The energy turning and twisting, it began flowing into a single energetic structure that was manifesting in front of me.

The sources were vastly diverse. All varieties of beings, from across the galaxy and universe, were contributing their energetic intentions for human health and healing. Multidimensional beings, some of my former guides, human and non-human healers, Mother Earth or Gaia, Archangels of our Earthly realm, and others all chimed in. The structure they created, initially a mere point of light that was growing, was a concentration of all their intentions into a single sphere. I could see it was beginning to take the shape of a pill. Being no ordinary concoction, the healing potential of this new energetic tool was intuitively apparent to me.

Illustration by Jared Potter

Its creation now complete, I reached into the non-physical with my right hand to grasp what I have called the Energetic Pill. In my contact, I could unmistakably sense the signature of all the energies involved in its creation, their intentions and vibrations of healing imbued therein through spirit. A voice spoke softly to my consciousness, guiding me to transfer the Energetic Pill to my left hand. To my astonishment, when I carefully reached for it with my left hand, it replicated and I was now holding two Energetic Pills, one in each non-physical hand.

I clearly heard from spirit “You may ingest the pill in your left hand”. For a moment, I paused to carefully considering the situation. Over many years of working routinely in the non-physical, I had encountered different energies and a multitude of beings and entities, many benevolent, others not so kind. I had learned to be cautious, yet trusting of guidance from my inner being. Quickly poling that inner guidance of my higher self, I was unquestionably certain that only the highest vibration of spirit had authorized this creation and given me directions. The actions were something I could unquestionably trust to be of benefit. Slowly, I brought the Energetic Pill closer to my open mouth, inserted it, and closed my jaw.

My physically conscious self was searching for some indication of the effects I would feel as this energetic tool diffused from the non-physical into my conscious body. Not to be disappointed, I immediately recalled the previous day when my husband had returned home from work and complained of not feeling well. He didn’t sleep much the night before, was historically subject to allergies (which are a prominent concern in the Southwest, especially in the spring), and, fueled by the COVID-19 concern, I was noticing my own psychosomatic response rising. In fact, just after the conversation, I developed a very slight sore throat. Would this physical feeling change now? Upon swallowing the Energetic Pill, I immediately noticed that the sore throat I had developed (or imagined) was completely gone. It was replaced by a cool, soothing or soft feeling in my throat. What happened next was quite interesting.

My whole body began to tremor and shake. It started at my feet, moving quickly up my legs and into my torso and upper body. From the years of training and experience I received in the mechanisms and functions of TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I knew immediately what was happening. The more primitive part of my brain, some call it “reptilian”, had been activated and was sending neurological signals throughout my body to bring up for release a mass of deeply intrenched neuromuscular patterns. I was to discover that these patterns stemmed from an entire lifetime of illnesses, disease, exposure to pathogens, aliments and all my physical reactions to those conditions, real or imagined. Every trauma I had experienced in my health history was now finding its way to the surface for correction. At the same time, I could feel spirit communicating with me quietly, from a discreet, distant position, reassuring me of the profound benefits I would acquire from this process.

Minutes went by and the tremors were continuing, which I was quite comfortable with, feeling no pain, and I knew I should let the process “run its course”. Then, I noticed my arms and hands involuntarily rising, shaking and beginning to move up and over my head. My upper body became ridged and my fists contracted. It felt as if I was grabbing or clawing for something invisible around my head. Still in a working meditative state, I could perceive something above me, on the surface of my body. My physical hands grabbed at this apparition and began pulling away something I had forgotten existed.

Split in half and held in my hands, I could see floating above my head layer upon layer of experiences of illness. Appearing like a thick, massive multilayered skin that covered my whole body, a lifetime of limitations had been exposed and was primed for removal. Pealing the compressed layers back with my hands, pulling them down over my head, torso, and arms, I tugged and pushed at this suit of invisible emotional patterns to get it off me. My body stiffened as the layers were being stripping away, like I was all at once removing a 100 dirty jump suits.

Finally, the skins fell off into a pile on the floor in front of my feet. Using an energetic technique I learned years ago, I envisioning a purple flame rising before me. Then, with one physical foot, I swiftly kicked the entire bundle of skins into the purple flames. All the emotional, reactive and defensive patterns from illnesses I had been holding in place for all those many years were now incinerated. Everything that no longer served me was returned to source, disposed of harmlessly, diffused and recycled into the universe. Afterwards, lying down and hardly moving, I felt a profound sense of peace and stillness all around me. In this beautiful moment, there was no boundary between my body and spirit. All was integrated into one.

Resting for only a few moments, I returned my attention to that remaining Energetic Pill in the non-physical space. As I considered its power to aid in relieving residual patterns from an entire lifetime of physical illness, I thought; was that specific experience just for me, what else might it be capable of? Spirit indicated that the Energetic Pill was like a booster or springboard for the human immune system to respond on its own to foreign pathogens. Using it was like clearing off the runway, allowing all forms of healing to take flight without hazard.

In addition to relieving embedded patterns of past responses to illness, the Energetic Pill increased my ability to receive and garner a greater effectiveness from all forms of non-physical energetic healing and intentions. The tremors having ceased, I was lying still and witnessed my hands beginning to unconsciously rise again, but this time they fluttered mysteriously over my torso. I could feel projecting downward through my hands and into my body, there was a spiritual healing energy coming from the many sources in the universe. With my old patterns released, this energy could easily penetrate to my organs and chakras. As waves of tingling healing energy went through my hands and into my body, I could sense a beneficial change in my internal condition. I was being healed. This was fantastic.

Illustration by Jared Potter

As I continued to ponder the significance of the Energetic Pill, spirit clearly indicated I could share it with others (and boy, would I), but how should it be best prepared for sharing? Instantly I got the answer. Assisted by spirit, I formed around the Energetic Pill a protective cube, completely sealing it off to prevent any possibility of influence or modification of its essence. The cube would only be removed, allowing access to the Energetic Pill, for a person who intends to actively connect with it beneficially for themselves. Also, the cube functions as a program interface to configure the Energetic Pill, customizing it for the connecting recipient prior to any ingestion.

By energetically touching the cube, a user will activate the cube’s modification program to ensure the Energetic Pill functions optimally for only that specific connected user. The unique identity, frequencies and mode of integration of each user will be fully synchronize and imbedded in the Energetic Pill. In this way, it could only function to meet a defined user’s specific needs and desires. If for any reason a user decide not to take the Energetic Pill, it simply dissipates, returning entirely back to source. 

I feel blessed by this experience and have a deep inner desire to share with others this or any energetic tool I encounter. Yet, I fully recognize that another person’s experiences may be very different than mine even in a similar situation. That in mind, it is always critical to emphasize that it is the full responsibility of each individual to carefully consider for themselves the potential ramifications from the personal use of any information I provide. Should they wish, through their own acts of free will, to connect with an energetic tool I have described, they do so on their own volition. Please, before acting, determine only for yourself what is or is not most appropriate for your life experience and mission. Then, through a personal process of visualization or imagination, it is possible to connect with an energetic tool I have described.

Now, to aid you in this journey, this post will include a free audio meditation program to guide you through the process of accessing the Energetic Pill. Hopefully, you will find this meditation program useful in visualizing or imagining your own connection. Below, you will find a link to the meditation program which will be available for immediate playback or download. If you chose to use the meditation program or not, I wish everyone success in connecting with the Energetic Pill and the information I have presented. Sharing my findings with you is part of my soul mission and always for me the greatest possible honor.

My sincerest recognition and thanks go to Jared Potter for creating the two original illustrations in this article, and to Lisa Fowle for her assistance in master the finished meditation program audio and producing the music. They’re friendship is immeasurable.

Finally, it is with tremendous heart-felt pleasure that I express my eternal appreciation to spirit and all those beings in the universe who answered the call and created the Energetic Pill for me to share with others. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with humanity.