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Unaspected Planets and…Wind Chimes?

This event was such an interesting synchronicity, I’m very excited to describe it. On April 8, 2020, about 3:30 PM AZ Time, I was making coffee and my friend Paula in California was waiting for me to call her. Finishing the brew, I filled my cup and began to walk out of the kitchen towards my desk and phone. As I rounded the corner of the dining room, I heard from outside on the patio a distinct “clink” with a bell like tone following. Something metal and resonant had fallen outside and I immediately recognized the sound as coming from one of my wind chimes. Specifically, it was a wind chime I’d had for about 28 years, a sun/moon/star theme, and one of the chimes/charms must have fallen off. I knew this event was unusual, the windchime having remained unbroken for the entire 28 years I’d owned it. I went outside to explore the situation.

The now lopsided wind chime hung above me and on the patio ground below was a single sun chime that had fallen, its string broken. “That’s weird” I thought. Not unusual, but weird. Then I realized there was a pattern; a sun chime falling outside, the sound catching my attention, many years and no issues with the chime, a symbol of the Sun lay before me, what was happening astrologically at the time it occurred, was the Sun specifically involved? I quickly retraced my steps, rewinding my mental clock to figure out the time of occurrence.

Turns out, the sun chime fell very near 3:33 PM, a numerologically significant “Master Number”, which no doubt was playing a role in this synchronicity. Next, when I went to my iPhone’s astrology app (iPhemeris) and entered that exact date and time, low and behold, the Sun was unaspected! I knew immediately there was a correlation between the sun chime and the Sun’s position, leading me into a deeper exploration of the subject and this article.

In astrology, when a planet is said to be unaspected, it typically has no other planet(s) that are making primary aspects or angles to it (recall that the Sun and Earth’s Moon are also called “planets” in astrology). The angles of these primary aspects are set by mathematically even divisors of the 360º of the zodiac and they include the following: Conjunction 0º, Sextile 60º, Square 90º, Trine 120º, and Opposition 180º. There are other minor aspects including Semi-Sextile 30º, Semi-Square 45º, Quintile 72º, and others. These angles between the planets are viewed from the Earth’s surface in Geocentric astrology (and with different values from above the Sun in Heliocentric astrology). In most western astrology charts, unique symbols and certain colors (solid colors for major, dashed colored lines for minor) are used in a chart for each of these aspects. The aspect lines between planets are drawn directly in the center of the chart, which are seen in the chart below, derived for this event using iPhemeris:

Now, it’s important to note that not all astrology apps will produce exactly the same chart results, they can be very close, with only small variances, especially with aspects. An app’s setting for the “orb” of an aspect (the +/- degree range where the aspect is valid and displayed) can also alter a chart’s appearance. Among the astrology apps I use, I’ve noted a slight difference between them regarding the Sun’s aspects displayed during this time.

For this event, I consider it important that I was guided to look at iPhemeris’ data where I would see the Sun unaspected in the app’s chart display. This data was intended and emphasized to me the need to examine this condition, unaspected planets, more closely. That clarification of my personal experience and motivation to act is important. We should remain clear and consistent about the ability of spirit and/or consciousness to be our most appropriate guide in all research, even when variances are seen in mainstream data. Anyway, let’s continue…

First, we are talking about the Sun which is ruled by the zodiac sign of Leo, and as such, represents the expression and power of our identity. In this Tropical zodiac chart, the Sun is in Aries, a fire sign, like Leo, and it’s a place for the Sun’s energy to really pop. This combination is about individuality and a self-identification with an internal feeling of authority affirmed through your self-confidence. With the Sun in Aries, all creative actions can spring forth and are sometimes wrapped in what some may see as a forceful demeanor. But, that’s a pattern of inner strength, often growing with age and maturity, although it can be a presence noticed by others which is sometimes misinterpreted. But, be cautious, the lower vibes of Aries can be impetuous and hasty, often reckless.

Ultimately, we are considering an individual’s status that can be viewed externally as an autonomous outward expression of personality. Unconsciously formed in a more personal space, it could be devoid of influence from the kinds insecurities that can plague other signs and planets, which is a polarity that can also be a healthy form of influence. Be warned, in a lower vibe, this can manifest as arrogance. Yet, a drive, an impetus, the motivation to succeed or express, all issue forth with confident action. This pattern can be the basis of a deeper inner source of creativity. All driven by the energy of the fire element, the Sun produces content, Aries promotes taking action, and Leo is the radiant presence of a confident self. What a powerful combination, but can it be contained and managed effectively, keeping focus on a higher vibration?

When the Sun is unaspected, there can be a loss of balance in the power of the Sun that comes through a connection to other planets. It’s like a buffer, lost in the mix of events, that leaves the base of the Sun almost unhinged. There is no mechanism to produce a reflective pattern, allowing the Sun to bounce around ideas and consult on potential results, nor pose questions and explore possibilities with a partner.

The massive amounts of energy generated by the Sun, the largest of the luminaries, becomes disconnected from greater reality. With no other planets in major aspect connection, the Sun seeks internally for answers to issues. Trips of accentuated ego and identity tantrums, potentially expressed through an overly dramatic mood, can be experienced during this time. We see the identity of self, who we are becoming over time, is more inwardly turned, yet outwardly expressed, likely with brashness. There is less of the outer world acting to influence and direct the Sun’s energy. Selfishness and egocentric behavior can result, a kind of temporary narcissism that’s lacking the radiance of confidence inherent in a leader. They’ll talk, but you won’t want to listen to them anymore.

Nataly, an unaspected Sun is potentially a problem. An individual could act almost in defiance of the obvious, but with a stern conviction that they are right, always. Listening to outside input can be a challenge and they just don’t see why they could have it wrong. In these cases, with the Sun not having any major aspects, we should look at the minor aspects visible. In our chart, the Semi-Square (45º) aspect of Venus creates a tension or challenge that is not as potent as that found in a Square (90º) aspect. Yet, the objective is to find what in this Venus aspect and connection will contain or redirect the Sun’s energy, giving it pause to think and consider its position before action.

Venus in Gemini is in a Semi-Square aspect to the Sun, bringing to the Sun’s round table a dialog about what the individual wants, desires and seeks in the experience of the self. Focused thoughts about what you wish in life becomes a means to moderate the Sun’s broiling power to express. There’s an exchange of information and a current flows back and forth where the feminine qualities of Venus are a savory compliment to the strong, masculine drive of the Sun in Aries. It provides something to think about, keeping the Sun in check.

Fortunately, Venus in this chart, being the closest planet to the midheaven position and actually very near the 10th house cusp, is considered by some astrologers to be the “ruler of the chart”. This uniquely positions Venus to ask the Sun in Aries, in a loud and clear voice, “What do you TRULY want?”. Then, being in the 9th house, Venus emphasizes the importance of truth and examination of belief systems, always wanting a wisdom coming from the answers it seeks. We can now see the strength of Venus in this chart as it emerges in its status as balancer of the Sun, demanding pause for thought in the expression of power. Although Venus makes only a minor aspect to the Sun, the duty of that aspect becomes paramount when the Sun has no other major planetary aspects present. It’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.

In examining any planetary aspect, there is a ranking of influence, from major to minor obviously, but the conditions vary considerably and all must be examined on a case by case basis. We’ve discovered in this chart, Venus can become a potent player in wrangling the astrological powers of the Sun. The uniqueness of your own aspects may be surprising as to their influences in your natal chart. Given a chance to work for you in this critical way, analyzing your own astrological chart as I have done in this article, I am confident you will receive similarly valuable information in a session.

I invite you to please leave your comments on this article below. Should you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, please email me at I would be honored to help create an informed future for you and schedule a Astrology-Life session.

By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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