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The New Year Starts with a BANG: Saturn and Pluto in exact conjunction

It’s finally here; the conjunction that will reshape our world at every level, personally and globally. On January 12, 2020, in the early hours of the morning, about 3AM PDT, the outer planets Saturn and Pluto will be approaching each other within one arc minute (that’s 1/60th of a degree) of an exact conjunction. They’ll be standing almost precisely side by side at 22º Capricorn in the Tropical zodiacal band. Like a couple dancing in close embrace, Saturn and Pluto will become one in the heavens, a single powerful entity ushering in change. But, this dance is one of great transformation!

If we maintain a +/- six-degree orb to define a conjunction, in the months after this January 12, 2020 event, Saturn and Pluto will remain mostly conjunct throughout the year. Even as both peddle backwards from Earth’s perspective, moving in and out of retrograde status, the majority of that time they will remain conjunct. 2020 will bring a powerfully combined pattern of awareness of both of these outer planets, the conjunction last occurring in November of 1982 in Libra. Astrologically speaking, there is no doubt about of the importance of this event.

As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is and has been for the past two years in a very powerful position as it transits the sign of Capricorn. In March of this year, it temporarily exists into Aquarius where it sits until July 1, moving retrograde back into Capricorn and conjunct again with Pluto. On a global level, this is our signal about what’s coming during this period; a reexamination of established institutions and organizations, such as governments, with consideration for how those establishments are being of benefit to the populace. Given the conservative or restrictive overlay Saturn can bring, we could see badly needed changes manifest in democracy, capitalism, free markets and our monetary systems that will bring a new level of responsibility to society. Regardless of what Saturn in Capricorn foretells, with Pluto in conjunction, it’s in the sky, heads may roll during this time.

These same patterns play out in us as well as in the world. What responsibility do we have to uphold a tradition in ourselves that fails to work and be of aid others? Operating as the project manager for the soul, Saturn reminds us that we must learn to pay attention to our responsibilities and define our boundaries for all behavior. It brings the burning question “are you committed to doing the right thing”, which in a transit should be asked of both yourself, looking to the affected areas of your chart (that’s near 22º Capricorn), and the societal institutions that surround you.

Physically, Saturn is around 50 times bigger (in diameter) than Pluto, yet we can think of Pluto as almost an equal player influencing our reality in the human theatre of change. Arriving on the world scene officially in 1930, Pluto, brings to us the higher consciousness inherent in the modern age. As the designated planetary ruler of Scorpio, it incorporates a sensitive insight vital to initiating the transformation process, its presence typically being intolerant of insincerity. Combine this quality with a sudden or blunt action, precipitated by the unavoidable frank power of that insight, and we shouldn’t be surprised at the sudden change Pluto can manifest.

Pluto’s distance from the sun and our knowledge of its presence (we can’t actually see it), symbolizes the mystery of both the planet and its process. Pluto’s illusiveness, harboring denizens of the underworld, can be secretive, seeming almost deceptive as to its role in transforming our lives. Yet, this quality is in reality an misconception as to the message or content Pluto is trying to reveal to us, seeming mysterious in its work. If you keep committed to promoting higher consciousness in all your acts, you won’t miss the mark with embracing Pluto’s influence. It can and will empower your inner self.

Representing numbers in the millions and as ruler of the 8th house, the first house of relating to others, Pluto brings to us events of the globe. Look at where the Pluto transit is occurring in a natal chart and we’ll see in us a reflection of what’s going on globally in society and how you feel about it. What role is transiting Pluto playing out in your life; are you impacting global events, feeling the change externally, or are the global events transforming you internally, personally? Like a part of God trapped in his own creation, there’s a pressure to act out, to alter that which is failing to measure up. As Pluto is pummeling a transformative path into our new future, when we don’t acknowledge its presence, our reaction to its alterations, internal or external, can be especially strong. For some, the shock at occurrence of certain global events can be felt at a very personal level, almost like a wound mysteriously acquired. Yet, the more we anticipate those events, by willingly raising our own consciousness, the less surprised or disruptive Pluto’s actions seem.

If you want to know where you feel it the most, look at how Pluto is aspected in your chart. What’s its relation to your natal planets and house cusps; is it conjunct, square, in opposition, sextile, or trine? Each hit from an aspect tells us where, in what part of our lives, we might feel the rumble of Pluto and simultaneously the oversight from Saturn during this period. If we don’t look ahead and do the work to change that which does not serve us well, in the Saturn-Pluto conjunct transit we may find an unavoidable presence, forcing an issue. When faced with change, keep thinking high vibration, not low. Avoid a low vibrational response, which could range from “Oh no!” to “I told you so!”

Let’s look beyond this conjunction in late Capricorn to see where things are going. Saturn’s next transiting sign this year will be Aquarius where the pattern there will become a watchful eye to commitments that support the many over the few or one, a genuine global outlook. Pluto, transiting very slowly, follows suit by moving into Aquarius in March 2023.  Saturn transits about a sign every three years, giving it more time and a better chance to affect that which requires alteration.

In this placement of Saturn in late Capricorn conjunct the power of Pluto, now is the time we may be forced, if we don’t act willingly, to make the changes that in the coming years will manifest as devotions to benefit others, the masses. During this period, it’s my hope that a stern resolve will manifest to realize badly needed modifications in our lives. At this time, will the world also create the stepping stones down that critical path of transformation ahead of us?

Copyright © 2020 Dan L Brock, All rights reserved.

By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

2 replies on “The New Year Starts with a BANG: Saturn and Pluto in exact conjunction”

Would Saturn /Pluto conj. have any relation to nuclear weapons or anything nuclear . Just a beginner and concern as well . Thanks for your generosity anton

That’s a great question as Pluto is the ruler of Uranium and comes to our awareness at practically the onset of the nuclear age. Currently, the close presence of Saturn, in conjunction with Pluto, would manifest a Saturnian overlay to the expression of Pluto’s energy. Classic qualities attributed to Saturn, such as constriction, responsibility, commitment to a result that comes from work over time (Saturn rules time), and the role or presence of institutions/organizations, would influence the patterns Pluto signifies. Don’t forget, Pluto is related to both nuclear power and the process of transformation.

I suspect the danger we face at this time from the nuclear question, is in the variability of how astrological energies play-out; will it be a personal expression or a societal/planetary expression that determines our direction. At a leadership level, we should consider who’s at the wheel making the decisions and in what way will they act in accordance with the influence of this Saturn Pluto conjunction. Will their decisions/actions be sourced more from a personal Saturn/Pluto influence, feeling its impact in their own life that manifests outward in their political actions, or will they operate based more on the external societal level influence placed on our planet?

It’s important to acknowledge the possibility of both processes simultaneously taking place so that a transformation is possible by an individual, theoretically our leaders, as well as our society. Will they, the leaders, make the right decision and disallow the use of nuclear weapons in political arenas? If we allow our politicians to settle issues through the exchange of atomic blows, no one wins. In the radiance of this Saturn/Pluto process, how can our society possibly allow the proliferation of any nuclear agenda. Higher consciousness dictates that anything less than beneficial to the human condition requires transformation. We must ask ourselves, what kind of world do we want to live in and who do we want calling the shots, especially when the escalation of nuclear threats becomes common again. If we collectively fail to make the right decisions, avoiding the transformation possible during this Saturn conjunct Pluto event, the consequence could be globally catastrophic.

The sign of Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto, reminds us of the importance of the death and rebirth cycle to the continued existence of life. In this case, are we talking about the potential death of millions, or the death of a condition that we can no longer tolerate. Personally, I think society is being forced to deal with nuclear weapons as it is no longer a viable option for anything other than our eventual nonexistence. That’s a very definitive position that matches well with the energy of a Saturn Pluto conjunction. It’s us or the nukes.

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