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Astrology of the 19th Anniversary of 911

Understanding the role that vibration plays is key to unlocking knowledge of our place in the universe. As a human derived system, astrology is a valuable source of vibrational information comprised of progressive snapshots of archetypes resonating in our environment. Almost everything around us can be examined with the tools of astrology. All that we experience and perceive, living out our lives individually and in the larger human community, can be explored. This includes major events in our collective world, impacting the masses consciously or unconsciously, which always contain a strong astrological signature warranting close examination.

In the fall of 2020, astrological alignments during the 19th anniversary of the “911” event, occurring in New York City on September 11, 2001, indicate we may be heading for a significant shift in the consciousness of our reality. There are many who feel humanity is way over due for receiving all the facts about such a well-planned, all-out assault on global consciousness. When it comes to anniversaries, we are often fixed in our thinking of significant periods of time passing only in even intervals (divisible by 5); 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. On September 11, 2020, we are 19 years out from the original events of 911.

From a mathematics standpoint, 19 is an indivisible prime number and exists as a very singular figure. From numerology, 1+9=10 and 10 is 1+0=1 which tells us that this 19 acts as a “one”, a solitary event that promotes a deep inner focus on identity. In its “higher vibration”, the qualities of a one include strength, self-esteem, self-reliance, originality, unique expression, confidence, and independence. Spiritually, the number one can radiate with the intensity of God embodying a singular expression with finality in words. This higher duty of a one bears respect in signifying the divinely essential nature of human dignity. In a “lower vibration”, a one can be selfish, inattentive, egotistical and arrogant. There are many other numerological indicators to consider, but perhaps the most provocative synchronistic correlation relates to the fact that we are currently in the grips of a major pandemic. Need I express how profoundly significant is the numerical correspondence of COVID “19” with the “19th” anniversary of the events of “911”? That’s a lot of 1s and 9s all occurring at once. The power of this 911 anniversary may reside in the seeds of transformation it sews, but this time could mean for some a further unraveling of our reality. There are many avenues of interpretation.

On September 11, 2020, the astrological conditions echo much of the numerological perspective, clearly indicating that this particular 911 anniversary may be anything but passive. Let’s talk about some of those astrology patterns.

We begin by examining the 2020 Tropical planetary transits occurring on the exact Tropical “birthday” of 911; September 11, 2001, New York City, New York, USA, at 8:46AM EDT when the first plane crashes into the World Trade Center.

Immediately, we see a reciprocate relationship between the energy of 1) a transiting Moon in Cancer conjunct the 911 North Node (NN) in Cancer, 2) the transiting North Node in Gemini conjunct the 911 Moon in Gemini, and 3) all of them are conjunct each other (the transiting NN, although further away, is close enough to be part of this conjunction party). With the transiting Moon, there’s a powerhouse of Cancer energy here wanting to propel us into an arena that seeks out our past pains to be healed. The 911 NN’s need for security must be satiated. With the Moon retaining the impression of the place we call home; a collective identity of community emerges from the NN that desperately desires the Moon’s Cancerian attention so the healing of justice can occur. All the while, the emotional waters of that Cancer dynamic are being quelled by a transiting NN in the Air sign of Gemini that happens to be conjunct. It demands flexible open dialog, keeping a watchful eye on emotional reactions to 911 issues and their impact on our future prosperity. The value of this cautious Gemini energy becomes even more substantial when we consider at this 19th anniversary the transiting NN is stationary. This resonates that it’s a critical time in our collective journey when a greater power is accessible to achieve a purpose. Possibilities for beneficial change are abundant.

Then, backing up this potential in the 911 4th House (naturally ruled by Cancer and the Moon), we have the magic of a conjunct outer planetary trio consisting of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. They are all transiting the 911 4th House ruled by Capricorn, the house where the realm of security in our collective home resides. Finally, consider Saturn, exalted in it’s native sign of Capricorn, is conjunct Pluto. Saturn alone is motivating, but with Pluto conjunct the breakdown and dissolution of deeply rooted institutions that no longer support us or our security and feelings of home are VERY possible. The authority of a transiting Saturn in Capricorn (its natural sign) in the 4th House commands that any replacement structures must able to stand the test of time while being nurturing, responsible creations. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transiting less than one degree from the cusp of the 911 4th House, signaling that its bounty is karmicly bonded to supporting of the critical transformation work of this magic trio.

Turning our attention in the opposite direction, the transiting South Node (SN) in Sagittarius, also stationary, is tightly conjunct with Chiron. This suggests a welling up of profound truth that must be expressed, communicated directly, potentially with a bluntness, to get us into a place of collective healing. The Sagittarius energy also conveys truth from a position of wisdom and the events occurring in the 3rd House pertain to communication, intellect, thought and ideas. These archetypes support the conditions whereby the entire world can finally, collectively be able to shed past traumas. Chiron is receiving from the SN a precognitive awareness steeped in its karmic knowledge of the past, forcing to the surface insights integral to our healing process. Yet, we should be cautious of lower vibrations potentially coming through. Consider the transiting Chiron in Aries in the 6th House (see image below) that’s wanting to heal our acts of service and daily life, yet it may entail a bit more aggressive approach. As a mode of effecting necessary change, this transiting Chiron could indicate an abrupt act is looming, perhaps producing conflict in order to get the job done.

Over in the 7th House, our relationship with the 911 event is in something akin to turmoil. Transiting are Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith (the Moon’s apogee point) and Mars, all retrograde, along with the Vertex point. Uranus, often seen in the 7th house as the planet of divorce, begs to overturn non-beneficial situations. A Black Moon Lilith retrograde in Aries is potentially a wallop of an indicator too, saying clearly our vitality must be restored, finally righted after repression. But, we are simultaneously flummoxed by the presence of Mars in Aries retrograde transiting the 7th House. From a physical standpoint, this Mars is not going to let us ignore an action that will prop up our self-identity or independence in our relationship with the energy of 911. Taken together, Black Moon Lilith and Mars both indicate assertive actions, potentially wild in nature, working to change our “relationship” with 911 and restore the physical vibrancy of being. Then, we must consider the transiting Vertex is EXACTLY conjunct the 911 Vertex, indicating a fated reconnection is occurring in a relationship with 911. While revisiting the fulfillment of a wish, perhaps of humanity, we have a chance to get it right this time. The Vertex exact conjunction supports a cosmic awareness that humans are not just isolated, separate entities in the universe. Without argument, the events of 911 have reverberated across the entire universe.

Next, in its Tropical and Sidereal forms, astrology plays out continuously as the transits of planets in the heavens. In a rudimentary way, think of Tropical charts signifying the outward or more public patterns of perception, while Sidereal charts reveal a more internal psychological rationale or perspective on those patterns. Briefly considering the Sidereal chart for September 11, 2020, one of the most prominent features to look for in the chart is what’s at critical 0º positions. As it turns out, the North and South Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively are each at 0º. The planet Saturn also sits at 0º in Capricorn. Each of these 0º positions reinforce how important the internal karmic and psychological influences will be on this anniversary.

For yet another astrological point of view, let’s examine a 19 year progressed chart of 911, specifically a Tropical “Secondary Progression” (seen above) were each passing year progresses the Sun by 1º. 19 years ago on 911, Mercury was on the edge of 12th House and in each subsequent anniversary year (1-18), it was “progressed” into the 1st House. For the first time since 911, a progressed Mercury in Libra is jumping back across the boundaries of the 1st House and shifting into the 12th. This 19th year anniversary will be the only time Mercury has ever “progressed” back to its initial 12th House position. This signifies a return of patterns, but a new emphasis placed on communication and balanced thought, especially when it’s coming from the non-physical, from the spiritual realms of the 12th House. Those who are spiritual watchers should sit up and take notice of this situation for it’s opportunity; to communicate with the “Great Creator” about 911. Not only should spirit play a prominent role in the anniversary messages, but folks can also look to the dream state as a means for information to segue into reality. Do you find images, situations, thoughts, or activities related to 911 surprisingly showing up in your dreams this year?

The progressed movement of Mercury alone could be an important indicator, but we also see Secondary Progression Trine relationships manifesting for the first time between Mars and Venus in the Earth element. This suggests a rapid transition from desires to taking the actions needed to manifest that desires, which implies a kind of impetuousness or volatility that makes caution prudent. Plus, there’s another Trine in Water for Jupiter and the Moon, suggesting the promotion of a truthful, grounded approach to the challenging emotional impact of 911 on the masses. These astrological characteristics in a progressed 911 chart suggest an objective change, but we must be thoughtful of it being of benefit. Positive, beneficial results are only had if we maintain a higher vibration stance. Given the abject horror the planet has endured post 911, when we consider the deep levels of trauma many still hold, there’s quite a mountain to be climbed.

So, what does all this astrology mean? The personally damaging nature of the 911 events are undeniable, suggesting this anniversary may be far more personally felt that one might expect. It’s clear this 19th anniversary of 911 could be a turning point for interpretation of the event for everyone, which leads us into its influence over those who think they represent us in government. I’d be on the lookout for communication, perhaps coming from someone in authority, a prominent figure, such as the US president or another world leader(s), that could shape a new global perspective on the events of 911. There is also the possibility of a “recurrence” of the event in some form, replaying the trauma; we can only hope this would not be of a destructive nature. Still, the astrological patterns we’ve discussed all indicate the time is ripe for overturning the established, revealing truth, facilitating transformation of our belief systems, and ultimately engaging us in a process that heals trauma. However it’s debated, what could actually happen is almost boundless.

Lastly, sparing you the astrological details, on September 9th sometime near 3PM PDT, there’s indication of a triggering event that could be linked to a communication later in the day on September 11th. It’s at this time the Sun will become briefly Trine to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, charging up all of those planets with the fiery energy of the Sun in Leo. Simultaneously, Mars in the 4th House is square to all three of those outer planets; Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the “magic trio”. This aspect creates a dynamic energy flow that questions, constricts and limits Mars’ action, which is already in some respects confined by the 4th House. The magic trio conjunct demands that action be taken in our relationship to 911 that respects our home. Does this predict there will be an announcement, that a different show of military might without fight is likely? Possibility. The astrological catalysts are all in place and indicate something significant could unfold. Let’s hope the foundations of our world are shaken up beneficially.

As time marches on, later in the month on September 29th, Saturn transitions Tropically from Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius. This sign shift by Saturn moving into Aquarius could slingshot us into acting responsibly, addressing the broader needs of the masses instead of kowtowing to the oppressive agenda of a few. Be diligent and keep on the lookout for change.

Remember, your own personal experiences in life are always intimately linked to those of others. We are all the same underneath and here on a mission to grow spiritually through our physical life experiences. The ultimate objective is to promote the expansion of consciousness in the universe. Astrology is a valuable tool on this journey as it can help you to understand parts of physical existence that might otherwise remain abstract or be lost in the noise of life.

My name is Dan Brock and I’m here to help you. If you are looking for answers to questions, please seek me out. I’ll help you in any way I can on your journey to the solutions you desire.

By Dan L Brock

Through a diverse range of interests and experiences with the multi-dimensional, energetic aspects of human existence, I have learned to embrace any modality capable of keeping us on track in our earthly mission. This includes challenging all BS, and by BS I mean Belief Systems.

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