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Venus Retrograde Conjunct Mercury and…Coffee Stains?

The universe surrounds us in information. It’s our job to look for and acknowledge it, but even when it’s in plain sight, recognition can be a challenge. Info can come in the form of symbolic signs and patterns relating to our situation, and synchronicities which seem to defy probability and logic. If we fail to remain open, attentive and aware, we can easily miss an opportunity to gain knowledge that will aid us on our life mission.

Surprisingly, I found myself immersed in this “information flow” one morning as I woke and ventured into the kitchen to get my day going. My husband had already been up, in the kitchen, done his thing, and was out the door to work. Alone, I began to wander around to formulate a plan for drink and breakfast when I noticed on the counter top a coffee stain left earlier by my husband. I immediately thought, “Got to clean that up!”

Suddenly, I paused, stared into this dried, drippy liquid configuration and my awareness of the role of synchronicities started to kick in. In my astrologer’s mind, I immediately said “That’s the Sun with Mercury and Venus in conjunction…hmmm”. Taking a moment to ingest the absolute brilliance and beauty of this divine placement in my life, I thanked the universe for the spill and realized I needed to explore the data right away. The stain remaining in place, I ran out of the kitchen, grabbed my iPhone, and opened my astrology app (iPhemeris) to seek out the configuration; when was it next occurring, what were the conditions, how did it impact my chart, what are the implications of this alignment? Here’s what I found…

In the early morning hours of May 22, 2020, we are in for a fascinating astronomical/astrological alignment that involves the two inner planets Venus and Mercury. On this date, at 1:41AM MST, the planets will be in an exact conjunction in Gemini at 20º 11’ (degrees and arc minutes). The conjunction is something that happens routinely in the planetary orbits of Mercury and Venus, but there was a twist. Venus will be retrograde during the alignment, which happens to be the rarest retrograde observable in the solar system, occurring only about once every 18 months.

Elsewhere in the same chart, I could see other powerful alignments. The Sun, at 1º Gemini position, was trine (120º away) three outer planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, that were all conjunct each other AND retrograde. This data was adding yet another twist to my story that could warrant an additional article worth of discussion. Suffice it to say, I realized the coffee stain message was trying to keep my focus on Venus retrograde conjunct Mercury. Later on, I’ll explore the process of intellectually reconsidering one’s identity in the slow-burn, expanding light of responsibility to others, supported by the well-ordered power of higher consciousness that comes through the insight of transformation. Anyway, what does Venus retrograde conjunct Mercury mean to us?

During this event, Venus and Mercury, shown in relative size, are in an exact conjunction. This implies the symbolic patterns and archetypes of both planets are comingled in a power-combo, like two people summing their strength. There is a simultaneous expansion from what we are passionate about, desire, or love (Venus) to what we think about and how we express (Mercury) that passion/desire/love. The time lag between what we feel or want and how we express it is diminished, almost to zero. The process for both planets moves into a unity state, inseparable, and without their separate qualities buffered by greater separation to elsewhere in the zodiac.

For a Gemini Venus/Mercury exact conjunction that is transiting in our natal chart, issues about what we want (or have had) are rising in our mind, related thoughts and ideas around our wants must be expressed. It may be like an unconscious process trying to break through to the surface and present intellectually a feeling with words.

Wherever you have Gemini at 22º in your natal chart, the house that contains this position will foretell the area of life where there is a corresponding influence of the transiting energy (Howard Sasprotas’ book The Twelve Houses is an excellent resource on the houses). Whatever the house variant may be, the late Gemini placement makes us act utilizing clear thoughts and expressions that are well-conceived. Maturity in what and how we communicate is paramount. Maybe all we need is a new journal entry, but talking directly, in-person might also be the ticket.

Critical in our chart eval will be any natal planets that can be activated by this transit, which would be through the aspect they make with Venus/Mercury. Regardless, Gemini (Mercury is the planetary ruler) indicates it’s important to examine how are you thinking or communicating your desires. The softness of Venus or the Venusian archetype may hold a female energy that shinnes through, leaving you to consider an influence or content that is divinely feminine in quality. Sometimes Venus gets what she wants.

From May 13th to June 25th, 2020, Venus is retrograde. Retrogrades tend to slow things down so we get it right and don’t miss anything on the ride, which tells us there’s far more to this event than you might expect. Venus wants us to look deeply into an issue, holding its energy directly in front of us the whole time so that we must address it. Stop, look, review and reassess where you are, then evaluate your decisions by checking your work, being careful of those decisions. Whatever the issue, it is something we have to dig a little deeper to define, acting with a focused intent to extract a clear understanding. Venus retrograde may unearth passions of the past, love affairs and acts of the heart we need to revisit in order to right that which was wrong or done in haste.

In Gemini, with Mercury in exact conjunction on May 20th, Venus retrograde looks carefully at what you desire with the idea of being accurate in how you express it. During this time, be patient with yourself and take your time to deliver a well-conceived, thorough expression of your desires, which could be through something you’ve written. Conditions may point to aspects of an old love relationship gone sour that hasn’t been fully resolved. Perhaps a question remains about what you (or they) did or didn’t say or do? Maybe it’s involves a physical thing, a family member, or pet? Search your feelings to seek the truth.

Lastly, in the continental United States this event occurs when many are asleep. For us in the Southwest (Tucson, Arizona), at 1:39AM, two minutes prior, this Venus retrograde exact conjunction with Mercury will be exiting a Gemini 4th house, crossing the Nadir (in a Placidus house system). This may draw our collective attention to desires for securities of the past, earlier times and lives already lived, perhaps something that should be more nurturing which lingers unfinished. Regardless of your place on Earth, when you’re asleep, it’s a great time to poll the dream state to get answers to your questions!

Before bed, ask for information related to this astrological event to be revealed to you in your dreams; what does Venus retrograde conjunct Mercury in Gemini mean to you? As you wake, remaining particularly open to impressions from the final moments of sleep, you may just discover the answers. The somnambulistic conditions occurring during those last few minutes of sleep are critical for bringing into your waking life the much-needed details of your dreams. You might also consider where your natal or transiting Neptune (the higher frequency of Venus) is placed to better determine the symbolic dream content that manifests.

Knowing that the moments before we awake are so highly impressionable, if we are able to keep at bay the invasion of conscious thoughts, access to dream content is possible. As you first become conscious, take note immediately of your dreams. Some folks like to keep a journal or notebook with a pen beside their bed to document things on waking. Please consider this time as a vital window into information you can take advantage of by modifying your sleep program. When the astrological archetypes of Venus and Mercury are dancing around so eloquently in our heavens as they are late in the night on May 22, 2020, do everything you can to realize this opportunity.

Keep an eye out for the synchronicities and good luck!

Copyright © 2020 Dan L Brock, All rights reserved.

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